How To Create Custom Windows File ISO Upload Vultr

Learn How To Create Custom Windows File ISO Upload Vultr.

See the detailed guide:
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1. Windows 10 ISO:
Windows Server 2019 ISO:
2. VirtIO driver for Windows:
3. ImgBurn:
This video will show you how to create custom Windows 10 ISO Image upload VPS Vultr
Step 1. Extract file ISO Windows to folder Windows on Desktop.

Step 2. Extract file VirtIO.iso to folder Windows on Desktop.

Step 3. Run setup software ImgBurn.exe

Step 4. Build Custom Windows file

1. Launch ImgBurn, and select Mode – Build.

2. In the Source section, click the little icon “Browse for a folder” and choose folder Windows 10 on Desktop

3. In the Destination section, enter it a name, we named it Windows_10_Pro_vs_VirtIO.iso

4. Navigate to Options tab and change File System to UDF.

5. Navigate to Advance – Bootable Disc tab, check “Make Image Bootable” option.

6. Boot Image: C:Windows
Developer ID: Microsoft Corporation
Sectors to Load: 8

7. After that, click on the “Build” icon at the bottom left to create your custom ISO. Wait until the process completed.

8. Now, upload Windows_10_Pro_vs_VirtIO.iso to OneDrive. OneDrive generates a link that leads to the shared file, copy the link.

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9. Finally, upload the ISO created to VULTR, and boot it.

Link Windows Integrate VirtIO on Vultr :

create custom windows 10 image
create custom windows 10 image with preinstalled software

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