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I am Keith Rainz, also known as Keith Mvula, I have become a well-known person in the online business world in Zambia. After finishing school with great grades, I decided to take a different route. Instead of looking for a regular job, I wanted to be my boss by making money online and becoming independent and successful, like many people in the USA.

Even though I had enrolled for a computer science degree at NIPA, within the first year of university, I wasn’t happy with what I was learning. The courses were more about preparing me to be an employee when all I wanted was to learn skills to make me make money on my own, and I already knew a lot about programming and the internet in general. So, I boldly moved and dropped out of university to focus on learning the skills I needed to make money.

Dropping out was a big risk because not everyone gets that chance to be sponsored. In this age, it is not about having a degree or not. It is about being able to put food on the table and afford some basic needs by either being employed or running your own business. Whether you believe it or not, most successful people in the world do not have degrees. I wanted to prove to myself my parents and everyone else that my ideas could work. Starting with nothing to my name—no phone, no computer, and no money—I worked tirelessly, sometimes going without sleep for two weeks learning day and night by using what was available at home. Making money online in Zambia and Africa at large is very different as compared to other countries, with fewer opportunities compared to other countries; for instance, platforms like PayPal don’t work here as they should.

My journey had more challenges than successes. So if you are already in university, do not drop out unless otherwise. If I was in the USA I would have been a millionaire within a year based on the hard work I put in for all this to work, but nevertheless, it paid off in the end though am not yet a millionaire. In this order: It took me 2 years to buy my first bicycle, 3 years to finally move out of my parents, 2 years to buy my first motorbike, and lastly to buy my first car with cash and I have a better life than many people with regular jobs who may have all these things bought by getting loans. I don’t need to work all the time for me to make money. If I want I can stay for months without having to worry about where money will come from. I earn money from various online sources such as forex trading, crypto trading, affiliate marketing, content creation, and selling my products and services and I am now trying to teach others in Zambia on how they can do it too.

If I had stayed in university, it would have taken me four years to get a degree, another four years to find a better job, and to reach the level I am at now it would take another 15 years totaling 23 years. My story shows that taking a different path can lead to success when serious and determined. I am not encouraging people to drop out of school, my only advice is that knowledge on how to make yourself a boss is not found in school unless an employee, and school is not the only place that you can get knowledge. Real learning starts once you finish school. Carefully choose your own path and stick to it. My journey, filled with hard work and determination, is an inspiration for anyone who wants to break free from the usual way of doing things and find success in the online business world

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  1. My wish also is to be like you ,because number one I have no sponsor ship to go to university, not only that but to have a enough money to help my family as a bread winner. Other things is that I don’t want to be controlled and giving much conditions from one so I preferred to focus on online trading. My request from you Mr Keith it’s to help me through knowledge and until become better trader.
    Carry on to help people God will reward you great than that ????????????


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