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Hai, thanks for completing those instructions to claim your indicator, systems, PDFs or strategies for free. Please read this till the end.

Please bookmark, copy or keep this link somewhere you can access it easily. It has all past strategies, indicators, EAs etc and future forex files will be added there.

You see, this link below has $20,000+ worthy of files am giving for free. Why am I giving for free? Well, my aim is to help fellow forex traders especially in Africa, those who are struggling in forex in making profits, those who lost money to scammers, those who cannot afford to buy indicators, strategies and other forex related materials. All am asking you is to support me by following me on my platforms to keep on receiving more free things and also to share the download links to other people you would want to help. Please share the first link where people have to do some instructions in order to get to this page.

In case you have questions, I might not be able to reply on time, but I have forex traders from Africa to help you in any challenges. Join my discussion group on my channel. Please I do not know all people in my group, therefore do not trust anyone if they offer anything to you that you should buy.

In my chat group, we do not sell or spam with anything, everything is free, feel free to share what you have and get what you do not have. You can check for anything in the file section of the group.

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