Kaza Spike Detector 2.0 For Boom & Crash 1000

Download the latest less repainting Kaza spike detector for Boom and Crash indices for free. The Old version of Kaza which was posted 8 months ago had a lot of indicators of which were repainting badly and were hard to use. In this updated version of Kaza, I have removed all other indicators of other people and only remained with one and made some adjustments to it to make it simple to learn, understand and use.

How to download the latest version of Kaza Spike detector

Well, if you are a member in my free email list, then the Kaza has already been sent to your email address. If you have not yet joined my email list, simply join below and you will receive a welcome email having the download link. By joining my email list, you will be the first to know what’s new. You can always unsubscribe at any time. Consider also joining my Telegram channel and my Telegram group and chat with other forex traders around the world. Or click on the download button.

What is new in Kaza Spike detector 2.0(V2)?

  • Other useless repainting indicators have been removed.
  • The updated version less repaints.
  • The new version is easy to learn, understand and use.
  • Simple buy and sell based on price action

How to use the Kaza Spike Detector 2.0

Well there are two ways.

  1. Catching spikes
  2. Ignoring spikes.

1. Catching spikes

catching spikes

2 Ignoring spikes

kaza video

1. When to sell by ignoring spikes

Only sell when you see the blue arrow pointing down. You will also see the yellow bar and colour of bars will change to orange/brown. Feel free to close the trade at any time when you in profit. Close the trade once the blue arrow pointing up appears.

2. When to buy by ignoring spikes

When you see the yellow bar and blue arrow pointing up, buy. Again, feel free to close the trade at any time. Or close when you see the arrow pointing down.

Kaza Spike Detector 2.0 in detail

Watch the video below to learn more in detail. It is less than 6 minutes long.


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    • Finally got it thanks Keith for the help, let me demo tesy it and see how best l can incorporate it into my trading strategy

  1. Please kindly assist to show us how to get the kaza ea v2 update.
    I tried to get it from your website but always go back to the old version


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