How to open a Zanaco Xapit bank account

Learn How to open a Zanaco Xapit bank account now. A Zanaco Xapit account, is one of the easiest and fastest bank accounts you can ever open here in Zambia. Zanaco bank accounts and zanaco banking app

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Requirements to open a Zanaco Xapit account

  • you must be 18 years old or above.
  • you must have a valid NRC (National registration card)
  • a minimum of k40 or k50 to deposit(note; opening its free).

features of the Zanaco xapit account

with the help of the Zanaco Banking app that can be downloaded on play store and via the USSD *444# you can do a lot without visiting the bank, some of which are;

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Transfer to any valid mobile number registered on any of the existing networks
  • Purchase ZESCO tokens
    Airtime purchase on all the existing networks
  • Transfer to other Banks
  • Pay for your DSTV & GOTV and get connected instantly
  • Bill Payments for UNZA, CBU, Zambia Open University, Lusaka Water, Nkana Water, Lukanga Water, Mulonga Water, & Kafubu Water,
  • Branch and ATM Locator

apart from that, you can as well do cardless transactions such as depositing and withdrawing via zanaco agents which can be found everywhere where ATMs might not be available.

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Disadvantages of the zanaco xapit account.

Despite this account being the first i opened for myself, I did enjoy but again it was a bit useless to me. here are my disadvantages i noticed.

  • The Zanaco visa card is not VERIFIED BY VISA – the card is a visa card, but it cant allow you to make payments online that require verified by visa card which is a type of security where before your payment goes through, you will need to receive an OTP to your number and enter the code on website. This does not work, even my friends experienced the same, the message may come but it never works at all.
  • With the Zanaco xapit account, you can only see transactions such as deposits, withdrawals ,airtime and bills payments, but you can not see visa payments transactions.
  • Checking your balance frequently, Zanaco deducts your balance.
  • checking your transaction history, Zanaco deducts money from your account too.
  • apart from all these above, with Zanaco, I have encountered money disappearing from no where in my account several times, not I alone, but also a lot of people have experienced this, for proof, you can see these on their facebook page.

maintenance fee

For Xapits accounts, there is no maintenance fee

account that enables

Everything is enabled.

requirements to apply

Read below

mobile banking

Zanaco accounts come with mobile banking enabled.

Zanaco xapit account

47 thoughts on “How to open a Zanaco Xapit bank account”

    • Are you able too see your balance via *444# or using the app? is the money there? if not try waiting for some days or contact Zanaco

  1. Am a foreigner currently in Zambia with a valid passport.wat are the requirements for opening up an account for a foreigner

    • I suggest opening an account with STANDARD CHARTERED BANK ZAMBIA through their mobile app and create a bank account online and your Visa card will be delivered to you,There is an option for foreigners, the account is super cool, no monthly fees, you can make both local and international payments and vice versa

  2. How can you recover your xapit account when you lose your sim card and you are not the one who registered it

    • 1. find the one who registered it
      2.visit any airte/mtn/zamtel branch and change ownership
      3. visit any Zanaco branch

      NB. You can as well go directly to step 3

  3. I can’t seem to remember my card pin. The account is active in that it’s still there but I need to activate my xapit card but I don’t remember my pin?

  4. now the card states its a visa card, but unverified .. i want to be using xapit card for my online purchase

    • You can use Xapit to purchase online anywhere where they don’t require Verified by visa Otp, whereee an OTp has to be sent to your number to verify transactions, with Xapit, it does not work.

  5. I want to open a Xapit account but the system keeps saying, someone has used my NRC number is it possible and how can I be helped.

  6. I once opened a xapit account in it possible to open another one or they will retrieve the very one i opened

  7. Hi Keith. What visa card can I use for online purchases on ebay that require monthly maintaince fee of less than 50?

  8. why do you take long to activate people, s accounts don’t you think its wrong and poor working culture

  9. Hi This Is Joseph within Lusaka Zambia. I Just Want To Open ZanacO Account Online Using Mobile Phone. Now what I can do? I need Help from You.


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