How to Make Money on Skillshare in Zambia



Learn how you can How to Make Money on Skillshare in Zambia. SkillShare is a website taught by developers, experts, and marketers to get premium lessons. Learn (or teach) everything from creative writing, architecture, web creation, art, music, soft skills, social media communication, storytelling, business intelligence, organizational skills, leadership, and many more. SkillShare is almost a must if you want to jumpstart your freelancing career. There’s lots of information about consistency for a limited amount. You can enter SkillShare free of charge, and run 1,800 + classes. Ramp up your studying, and navigate an extra 25,000 + courses for just $6-$12 a month. This is much better than most learning services, where you have to pay for each lesson.

Let us chat with SkillShare about gaining. You can gain from $200 / month to $100k / year, as a course designer! That is almost comparable with full-time employment. Teachers get paid for viewing their videos by the minute. It operates as a royalty scheme. SkillShare charges its students a monthly fee which is then collected and circulated weekly to its content producers. Let’s say the pool earned on a monthly subscription is $1000. If the average watch time is 100 minutes on SkillShare and the videos have been viewed for 10 minutes, you get $100 or 10 per cent of the $1000 streaming pool. Don’t start asking your mother to watch your videos 24/7. As long as the subject remains important and is watched by viewers, you get paid.

How to get paid on Skillshare in Zambia

Most of the websites I will list below, pay via PayPal. Unfortunately, in Zambia, you cannot withdraw your using a Zambian PayPal account. But do not worry, I can create for you a PayPal account that can both send and receive at K100. WhatsApp me 0977770202.

How to make money on Teespring in Zambia

Teach a topic that you know well. Experience brings meaning and complexity to what you say.

Render the course entertaining and engaging. Keep students involved right to the finish. Recall the more students watch the videos the more they win.

Promote internet community-Facebook groups, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, articles with specialities and websites.

List of Websites that pay you to teach online in Zambia

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  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Teacheable

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