How to make money on Teespring in Zambia



Start your own online business of designing and printing T-shirts and other clothes for free without any capital with the help of Teespring. You can now make money on Teespring in Zambia. You can earn by making with Teespring hats, mugs, pillows, socks, stickers. No need to think about the actual physical shirt printing, Teespring will do everything from packaging, delivering and handling payments.

To make money in Zambia on Teespring, you start by signing up on Teespring and use their web-based apps to build designs immediately. Label products by developing an advertising plan such as start date, end date, redemption frequency and an indication of how many shirts will be available. Teespring will then create a domain address that can be shared with prospective customers and advertised online. You will have your own free website that you can share with anyone.

There are various ways of selling goods on Teespring, one of them being running Facebook ads or word of mouth. Identify, and engage a niche audience with advertising. Depending on the budget it will hit hundreds or thousands. You may also send the connection to Facebook Communities or email marketing which is a more cost-effective way to do it. Using Enhanced Network to communicate with Amazon, Etsy, Rakuten, eBay, and other common e-commerce sites through Teespring. Pay can be demanded within 24-48 hours after the campaign duration ends.

How to get paid on Teespring in Zambia

Most of the websites I will list below, pay via PayPal. Unfortunately, in Zambia, you cannot withdraw your using a Zambian PayPal account. But do not worry, I can create for you a PayPal account that can both send and receive at K100. WhatsApp me 0977770202. If you do not want a PayPal account, Teespring also pays using Payoneer. You can create an account on Payoneer in Zambia for free and it works in Zambia and you will be given a USA Bank account for free.

Teespring tips for Zambians

You need to design something you would buy. Be funny and clever when it comes to design. Using first, amusing quotes crafted for typography.

Build for a certain area, such as a certain occupation, athletic club, social organisations, activities, events and others. To run tailored advertising using social media.

If you have an idea but don’t have the talent to make it into reality, try hiring a talented freelance artist to do it for you. Freelancers may vary from $5-$ 50 or more. Spend some of it on receiving money.

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