How Do Rappers Make Money In South Africa?

So how do rappers make money in South Africa? The answer is simple: they record music. There is a distinct lack of R&B artists in the country and since the government does not promote music it is up to underground artists to perform and sell their songs in order to earn a living. The underground scene is also a good breeding ground for new rap artists who want to learn how to make music and market themselves. With underground artists it is much easier to learn how to record your own music, mix tracks together and make a demo that you can send to record labels.

Once you have a demo, it is much easier to negotiate terms with record labels. If you are a popular rap artist in South Africa, you may be approached by a record label executive who wants to sign you to a distribution deal. If he says yes he will pay you a large sum of money upfront as advance royalty and if you don’t perform your song according to his preferences then he doesn’t get paid. You may also be offered deals where you can promote other rappers that he has signed to. With a successful record deal it means more future income for you and a boost of confidence. For an up and coming artist it means more opportunities to tour and make more money.

The trick to making it big in the world of hip hop is to promote yourself and your band/rapper to the radio stations that will play your music. When a DJ plays your track, it gets picked up and heard by people all over the country who are willing to take a chance by playing your track. If you manage to get signed to a label then this can lead to a lucrative career. Just remember that how do rappers make money in South Africa is through hard work and dedication. You will need to practice a lot and be a fan of rap music for you to succeed.

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