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I Keith Rainz can help you with Web hosting in Zambia. I provide VPS and Cloud hosting for optimum performance of your web apps, Unlike other developers in Zambia who host clients’s websites on shared hosting.

You’ll have no question about the word cloud computing if you’ve ever looked into computing a website or app. You may not be familiar with exactly what is special about hosting your website on a cloud server, considering the popularity of the word.

A website has historically been hosted in a single datacentre on a single server. The general concept remains the same, whether it was a server that housed multiple accounts or an individual computer devoted to nothing but hosting your site alone. Cloud hosting is a little different, though.

Cloud storage spreads the data over a variety of different computers, different servers in different locations that are all wired together, instead of putting all of the data on a single computer. Through a “virtual machine” that accesses all the numerous servers across the “cloud,” you monitor your data. Only in a virtual environment does the hosting server function, hence the term ‘cloud.’

The fact that cloud hosting uses any number of machines’ processing capacity means that not only do you have much more potential than conventional hosting, but it also enables you to access the services that can be provided by those machines. And this is where things are starting to get interesting.

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