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Advertising through my influential online platforms, including my website, YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, provides a unique opportunity for companies to connect with a diverse and engaged audience in Zambia and Africa at large. As a trusted content creator and influencer, I Keith Rainz I have fostered authentic connections with my followers, making them receptive to advertised brands, products, or services.

With a multi-platform approach, advertisers can leverage visual storytelling on YouTube, visually-driven content on Facebook and Instagram, and intimate communication on Telegram and WhatsApp. The localized context in Zambia adds authenticity, and the insights from these platforms enable targeted and measurable marketing strategies, ensuring a meaningful impact on brand visibility and customer engagement.

My Pricing

Please note that the pricing below is for one time sponsorships or promotions, if you would like me to make use of all my platforms and promote your company on a daily basis, consider contacting me so we can discuss about a partnershhip deal favourable for both of us at or +260977770202 WhatsApp only.

Blog30K to 80K MRN/A$25N/A$65N/A$50
YouTube31K SUBS$20$20$100$20$60N/A
YouTube15K SUBS$10$10$50$10$30N/A
Facebook3K Followers$10$5N/A$5N/AN/A
Telegram channel3K$20N/AN/A$30N/AN/A
Telegram group5K$10N/AN/A$15N/AN/A
My advertising pricing

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Terms to know

  1. Shout outs: This is when I announce or mention your company or products in the videos or posts. EG: This video was sponsored by Elon Musk.
  2. Link insertions: This is when I insert your link to your product or company in my existing posts or videos to drive traffic to them or get a backlink.
  3. Review video: This is where I get to record myself reviewing your company or testing your products or services.
  4. Review post: This is a written post reviewing your company.
  5. Own video: If you have the video already made by yourself or company, I can post it instead of me filming one.
  6. Guest post: This only applies to this blog, you can submit your article to be posted on this blog and it will appear in Google search results.
  7. N/A : Not applicable. Means it does not apply to the platform.

International companies I have worked with:



How I have worked with Deriv since 6 years ago


How I promoted Paripesa the footbal betting platform
Mugan Markets

Mugan Markets

How I worked with Mugan markets to promote their broker in Zambia

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No project is too small or too big, it doesn’t matter if this is when you are starting or tight on a budget. My prices are negotiable. WhatsApp me on +260977770202 or use the form below.

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