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You can now make use of my audience by advertising your services or products to increase sales or brand awareness. My main niche is “Finance”. My audience is interested in anything related to making money this includes forex and other money making opportunities.

Please note that I do not promote or advertise get rich quick schemes.

My Audiences and pricing

1 My website

This website is a blog, I write articles almost everyday and I do get traffic from Google Search. I solely depend on Search traffic and traffic from my social media platforms. Below are my website analytics for the month of July 2021 from 1st to 31st. I got 104,089 total pageviews with 68.79% bounce rate which is pretty good. If you need recent detailed analytics, you can contact me.

Pricing: I can place your advert in every post’s side bar or between paragraphs of all posts at once. My daily page views are between 2000 and 4000. The cost for this is $2.5 per day.

2 YouTube channel

I have got two YouTube channels namely Keith Rainz and Keith Zambia. Keith Rainz is my main channel and is dedicated to global content. Content anyone from any country can watch. Keisha Rainz is a channel dedicated to content that applies to Zambians only.

You can check for the channel performances of both channels publicly using social blade or by clicking on the links or buttons below.


  1. To insert links in existing videos: $10
  2. To give out a shout out in my next video saying “This video was sponsored by… Check out their… for awesome products/services… etc), for this, it depends. But will be charging between $50 and $1000
  3. To create an entire video reviewing or promoting your services or products: will be charging between $50 and $1000.

3 Telegram Channel and Group

I also have my own community where I interact with my audience in better way which is Telegram. My Telegram channel has about 4400+ Followers. My Telegram Group has about 3200 members. When I post in my Channel, the post auto posts itself into the group as well.

Pricing: Depends on what you are trying to advertise. Will be charging between $10 and $200

My Channel

My Group

4 Instagram profile and Facebook page

I am not a fan of social media, I rarely engage my Instagram and Facebook followers. But I do have a few followers on both of them of about 2000+ On Instagram and 2400+ Facebook page likes.

Pricing: Depends with what you are advertising, will be charging between $5 and $50.

My Instagram Page:

My Facebook page:


Those above are my main social media platforms. To get started, simply email me at or WhatsApp me +260977770202.

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Along Kafue Road, Chilanga, Lusaka Zambia.

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