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How to contact Keith Rainz

Thank you for your interest in getting in touch with me! I appreciate your understanding that as a busy person, I have limited availability for phone calls. To ensure efficient communication and to save time for both parties, I recommend reaching out to me through messaging on WhatsApp as the primary method of contact.

Messaging me on WhatsApp allows for a quick and convenient way to communicate. You can send me a text message or voice note, and I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible. This method enables me to efficiently manage multiple conversations simultaneously, ensuring that I can assist more people effectively.


+260977770202 (SMS or WhatsApp text ONLY)

Main Location

Chilanga. Along Kafue Road, Lusaka Zambia.

How to contact Keith Rainz
How to contact Keith Rainz

Why I may not pick up your calls…

See… I am a ONE-MAN-COMPANY, I handle everything alone therefore I do not have the time to spend talking on phone. When you call, I get forced to pick up the call, but when you text me, I am able to reply back at my own time. Even if am busy, mostly I manage to spare a few seconds and reply back. So I cannot manage to pick up each and every call otherwise I would be spending day and night talking to people. I do not only manage one business, I manage all of my businesses alone. These include:

  1. My main website blog:
  2. My academy(my elearning portal)
  3. My crypto & e-funds exchange platform:
  4. My main YouTube channel (30,000+ subscribers):
  5. My Zambian YouTube channel:
  6. My Facebook page:
  7. My Telegram channel:
  8. My Telegram group:
  9. My WhatsApp channel:
  10. Lastly but on this list: My personal life:

Therefore I no longer pickup calls and I enabled the feature on my phone that doesn’t allow people not in my contacts-their calls to go through. Instead as mentioned, send an sms or WhatsApp text. If you still insist on getting on a call with me, then we can schedule one. At a fee of course, ranging form $10 to $100 or Kwacha equivalent. The cost will depend on what you want to consult. Click on the buttom below to schedule a call.

Schedule a call now

If your inquiry requires a more in-depth discussion or if you prefer to have a call, we can schedule a suitable time to connect. By scheduling a call in advance, I can allocate dedicated time to provide you with the attention and assistance you deserve. Depending on what you want to talk about, some schedules might not be free.

Before reaching out, I encourage you to explore my blog and YouTube channels. I have invested significant time and effort into creating valuable content across various topics. There is a high possibility that your questions or concerns may already be addressed in one of my videos or blog posts. This way, you can find instant answers and save time. When you contact me on WhatsApp, don’t just say “hi”, “hey” and all those type of greeting texts and end there, instead, explain in detail why you are contacting me and what I can help you with. Lastly, I prefer texts and not voice texts unless they are less than 20 seconds.

I value your time and strive to provide the best possible support to everyone who reaches out to me. Please understand that while I may not be able to respond to every message immediately, I will do my best to address your queries in a timely manner.

Thank you for considering messaging me on WhatsApp and exploring my blog and YouTube channels before reaching out. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you in any way I can. Avoid contacting via social media platforms like Facebook. There are a lot of fake accounts in my name scamming people in my name. I am not promoting any type of investment scheme. Only use my WhatsApp number above or the form below.

Send me a message via email at and I will get back to you within 30 minutes.


Keith Rainz

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Along Kafue Road, Chilanga, Lusaka Zambia.

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