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Hai, thanks for visiting this page, my name is Keith a freelancer in web design and marketing in Zambia, not only in Zambia but world at large. I am also a content creator. Use this page to contact me. If it is something very important, I recommend you contacting me on WhatsApp or SMS (+260977770202). Please note that I don’t accept calls without an appointment.


How Much Do I Charge to create websites in Zambia?

I offer custom prices for each project I receive from clients, contact me and I will give you a free quote. When contacting me, try to explain everything about your project for an accurate quote and time will be needed to complete. Being a freelancer in Zambia, I can also work under your budget.

How Long does it take me to develop a website?

When it comes to development of websites, I am the fastest in Zambia, yeah you heard me, try me. Duration will depend on complexity of your website and availability of resources needed. Contact me to know more.

How can you pay me?

Before I start working on your project, you need to pay me 75% of amount in quote and pay the rest on delivery of work or once happy of work being delivered. I accept payments via

  • Debit & Credit cards payment right here on this website
  • PayPal
  • Skrill and western union
  • Mobile money online here
  • Bank deposits and transfers

Why should you trust me?

To hire me or ask for help from me, it means that you trust me. If you do not, please do not waste any of my time or yours. I don’t work with people with trust issues and full of negative thoughts. If you really want to work with me but due to your past experiences with other developers you can’t trust me, you can hire me on UPWORK. On Upwork you cant worry about trust issues and you only pay when you are satisfied with the work given.

It is secure from there and you only pay once you are happy with the work. You can click here to hire me on Upwork.

Where is my office?

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a freelancer and I work remotely from anywhere at any time. I am not a company, I don’t have a company and I do not work for any company. All work is delivered remotely.

Questions from my content

If you have a question about my content like my posts on my blog or videos on YouTube, I encourage you to comment those questions on those same posts or videos and will be replying them at my free time.

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email: or WhatsApp me on +260977770202 or fill the form below, will get back to you within 20 minutes.

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