Day 3 EA Results

Day 2’s results were very bad because of what happened. Was thinking it might happen again today. But it did not. If you watched today’s EA LIVE TRADING, you might have noticed that it never made any loss and it was profitable. Well, the reason is simple, I always say that it is profitable in the morning to lunch time.

Then why in the previous testing was I testing in the night? well, I just wanted to see how it can perform at other times incase someone is planning of running it 24/7 instead of morning to lunch time.

Day 3 EA Inputs:

Lot size: 0.20

Risk % : 1

Minimum profit: 1

Day 3 EA Results

I wish I started the EA at 07 at VPS Time, but I started it at 10 (The VPS LOCATION is Germany) and ended it at 13 hours Germany time.

day 3

Duration : 3 hours

Number of trades: 7

Starting balance: $53.89

Closing balance: $60.60

Profit or loss: Profit of +$6.71


If I started the EA around 7 it would have made $15+ profit with those inputs. From now on, with these few days remaining for testing, will be running the EA from 06:00 or 07:00 morning GMT+2 to 13:00 afternoon. Make sure that you subscribe to my channel and turn on all notifications, to be notified.

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