Day 2 EA Results

In this live trading of the EA, I decided to reduce the demo funds to $78 to simulate if it was a real account having $78. The starting balance in demo was $78.06.


  • Lot size: 0.20
  • Risk % : 1
  • Minimum profit: 1


Well, things did not go as expected. I only ran the EA for about 4 hours only and decided to turn off my VPS. This was when I was going to bed when I noticed something unusual of which I have never experienced before. I don’t really know what happened if the EA malfunctioned or maybe it was the VPS or Metatrader itself or the broker.

But the good part is that, it was a demo account and am glad I saw that. Well, at 12 before going to sleep, The EA was opening multiple trades every second and then closing them. Didn’t even manage to count them. They are probably more than a thousand. This is not how it performs or how it supposed to work. The EA is supposed to open trades few per hour based on signals. Refer to the video below.


Has any of you experienced this before? what do you think? well, still remaining 5 more days for testing, so will continue. Remember to report anything unusual, your results, suggestions and so on to or on Telegram @keithzm or in my group.

Will run the EA today again today few minutes from now.

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