Let me trade for you…

What if you could hire me 24/7 to trade on your behalf? well, I spent almost a year without trading trying to learn and master Boom and Crash indices. So I can be the perfect guy for you to hire. 

Unfortunately, you can’t hire me and I am not an account manager, I don’t trade for people and I don’t recommend people doing that. I am a busy person such that I don’t even have time for myself to trade. This is where this post comes in…

I have got something nicer and better than hiring me which is the Expert Advisor (EA) or bot that auto trades for you. Am sure you hate bots or don’t believe in them because all they do is make losses.

Well, this changes today.

So what is this EA?

Well, I have not yet come up with a final name for it. But all it does is trade Boom 1000/500 and Crash 1000/500.

Why did I decide to create this bot (EA)

Well, since I am a busy person and that I don’t usually have time to trade for myself, I decided to automate my trading. The other big reason is that since when I released the Kaza spike detector Indicator most people were complaining that it repaints a lot and that they are not making consistent profits. This is why I also made a video about repainting vs non-repainting forex indicators

The video mainly says that repainting forex indicators are not useless, they should be used as “helpers” or “guides” and not to be used as “commanders” or “Gods” by placing trades without analyzing. Depending on “indicators” alone will not guarantee you consistent profits. 

What is the Kaza spike detector 2.0?

well, if you downloaded the first version of Kaza which was released about 8 months ago, then you probably already know what this new Kaza is. The Kaza 2.0 is actually the modified version of the “Moving mini max“. which is less repainting.

So how does the new bot EA work?

The EA or bot actually relies on the Kaza spike detector indicator for signals. I started coding or designing the EA about two weeks ago. The first version of the Ea, was opening trades whenever an arrow pointing up appears and then closing when an arrow pointing down appears and vice versa.

Unfortunately, since the indicator repaints, this wasn’t profitable. It made losses without human interaction.

Week 2

Since the first version failed, I decided to come up with a different method. Creating an EA for currencies is easy than for these Boom and Crash indices, where take profit and stop loss does not work as expected.

I mainly use the Kaza indicator to scalp spikes and drops. So I know when to enter trades, how long to wait and when to exit and when to close trades in negatives. Because of knowing this, It has been profitable for me to turn $10 into $40 catching spikes. Check my videos on YouTube.

So how is the final version?

Well, all I had to do was to program it to open, close, hold, etc based on how I trade to catch spikes as well as avoiding spikes or trading in trends. Because of experience, some of these I just know, so I can’t really explain and make sense.

How is the performance?

So far the performance is good. Have been testing in demo account, the results were good. I am now testing in a real account. The results are also good. I am still doing more testing. Will post results soon.

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