Page Views vs Visitors – Which One Is More Effective?

Page Views vs. Visitors: what’s the difference? This can be a very interesting topic for those of you who have a website that generates a large amount of traffic. Visitors to your site have come to your website either to buy something, learn about something, or do some type of action. Therefore, if you want to make more money with your website, you need to be aware of how important this is and how you can use it to your advantage. One visitor may end up viewing more than 3 pages, and when this happens, they are called pageviews. So pageviews are always more than page visitors.

So what is the difference between Page Viewing and Visits? Well, they are both measurements of traffic but the results obtained from either are very different. Page Viewing simply refers to how many people saw your website, while visits measures the actual numbers that your visitors generated. You can see this information in Google Analytics, on any particular day or even over the entire month or year. The goal here is to understand what your visitors are seeing when they come to your website, which allows you to optimize your pages accordingly.

There are several different ways that a visitor can view your website, but usually the result is in a “page view” format. People who just came to your site are most likely not paying anything, whereas people who stayed longer and more frequently are more likely to be paying something. Therefore, you want to focus on getting your visitors to view your page views in the “visitors” format which is what Google looks at.

Here are a couple of examples to show you exactly how this works. Let’s say that you sold a product. You have two sites, one for the sale, and one for the research. Both of your sites get a ton of traffic, and the sales are very similar. However, the visitors to your page on Google look at the sales page and click on it, while the visitors to your page on Facebook see the research page first.

Obviously, the page on Google makes more money due to the fact that it has more visitors and sales, but the visitors to your page on Facebook make their purchase right there where they are. So when you are optimizing your Facebook page for sales, you want to put your best foot forward. Think about it like this, do you really think that the people who buy from you are looking for a sales page? Or are they looking for a place to socialize or connect with you?

So how do you know which of these sites is more important to you? This is where I would start to use Google Analytics. You will need to know how many people visit your site, and how many of those visits were successful. In addition, you need to know what percentage of those visitors came to your page through Facebook, and what percentage came through Google. This way, you can start to figure out how to optimise your page for visitors vs visitors, and Facebook page views vs Google page views.

For Facebook page views, focus on likes, comments, and posts, and try to gather as much data as you can about your site, and your industry. Do you have a blog? How many people visit your blog? Did anyone leave a review? The more information you gather about your business, the better you can understand who your customers are and how to reach them through Facebook. This will help you to improve your page views, and your conversion rates.

For Google page views, focus on Google ads, organic search traffic, and pay per click marketing. Are you losing a lot of sales because of ad costs? Can you lower your costs? If so, do so by evaluating where your expenses are going, and whether or not you are getting the best return on investment possible. Learn how to use the data to optimize your marketing efforts for Facebook, and your Google ads, and you can see the difference almost immediately.

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