What is the Difference Between WordPress Pages and Posts?

In this article I’m going to be talking about the main differences between WordPress pages vs posts. I know that for a lot of people they are one and the same, but for me they’re slightly different. I’ve been using WordPress for a while now and have built quite a number of successful blogs. But before I continue I want to make sure that you know what your blog is about so that you don’t waste your time. This article will go into more depth on what the difference between WordPress pages vs posts is.

A blog is essentially just a site where you can post your thoughts and ideas. A website is basically a collection of web pages, articles, press releases and more. So, when you say blog vs site you’re basically comparing the ability to post content to your blog. Websites can take up quite a bit of space on your hard drive so it’s important that you give yourself the best chance possible to get as much done as possible with the limited amount of space you have.

One of the big differences between a site like WordPress of a blog is how much time it takes to get a page read. A post can be up on page in only a few seconds, but if you were to post that same post on your blog it could take a few hours. This is because a WordPress page has to get indexed by the search engines which is a process that takes time. A simple Google search will show you that the biggest sites on WordPress take around 2 hours to get indexed, while a blog will usually be up within minutes.

Another big difference between the two is that a blog is completely open to the public whereas a WordPress page is private. You can’t invite people over to your blog and tell them all your secrets, whereas you can do with WordPress. If you don’t want to reveal your secrets on a public website then you can simply lock the page and only people who are following you will be able to read your posts. It’s almost like having your own little secret club.

There are some advantages to both mediums. Of course there is the obvious advantage of being able to talk to people around the world instantly. WordPress posts are generally more concise than a blog entry, and they’re often written in just a few words rather than long explanatory passages. You can respond to other people’s comments in a short space of time, whereas with a blog you might not always have the time or ability to do that. If you don’t have the time or ability to write a full blog post on your own then you can usually rely on other people to do this work for you.

But there are some disadvantages too. As previously mentioned, most blog posts tend to be written in just a few words and you can’t really respond to people or comment on their posts. Tweets tend to be shorter and quicker and you’ll have a 140-character limit to make your response. With tweets it’s more possible for people to quickly and accurately reply to your posts but with a blog it can take a while before your message is posted.

Another disadvantage to a blog is that you have to maintain the site yourself. WordPress pages aren’t exactly the same as a static website, even though at first glance the two may look quite similar. If you want to keep your blog updated you need to spend some time adding new content to it and this is an additional effort that you have to undertake yourself. With WordPress pages there’s no requirement to do any of this work and it’s simply a matter of updating the page whenever you want to.

So what is the difference between WordPress pages vs posts? For blog posts you get more flexibility, you can easily update the page when you want and give other people more opportunity to read your thoughts. For tweets you have to put them on your personal account and people have to be friends with you in order for them to see your tweets. This creates a barrier between you and your followers, which are never good.

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