Tykr.com Review – Does it really tell you when to buy & sell stocks?

Tyker.com is an all in one stock screener platform that does more than just telling you when to buy and sell stock. Tykr is like your own personal financial advisor available 24/7. Are you interested in stock trading but you do not know where to start from?. or are you looking for someone to be your personal financial advisor?. Introducing Tykr.com. Investing has truly never been easier. Tykr is like my own personal financial advisor. Tykr has everything you need to get started with investing. Tykr will also advise or help you choose a broker that is supported in your country.

So What features does Tykr have or what are the benefits of using Tykr?

  1. Tyker will show you a score of stock, The score within Tykr determines the overall financial strength of a stock.
  2. Tykr can save you time, analyzing stocks manually can eat up most of your time.
  3. Tykr can help you reduce the risks because Tykr is powered by a very rigorous algorithm to do the hard work for you.
  4. Tykr has 21,000+ US and international stocks.
  5. Tykr has an education system to help you know and understand everything you need to know.
  6. Tykr is like your own personal financial advisor available 24/7.

Tykr pricing

Tykr has a 14 day free trial to try it out and see if it can work for you. To claim your free trial, after watching this video, click the link in the description. Tykr also comes with 60-day money-back guarantee meaning you can get back your money within 60 days incase of anything. Tykr has two pricing packages, but my favourite one is the Pro one.

Why choose the Pro one?, well the pro one has all the features and lets you see Sean Tepper’s portfolio. Sean is the CEO of Tykr, Sean will also explain why he invests in those tip 10 stocks. So go for it.

What is in Tykr dashboard?

In your Tykr dashboard, you will see the following:

  • All stocks On Sale
  • Prices Changes
  • Score Changes
  • Most searched
  • Similar Stocks
  • Watchlist Popularity

As you scroll down, you will see Top Stocks that recently changed to On Sale, Top price changes such as gainers and losers and news on your watch list.

On the stocks page, you will be able to see a list of stocks with the company names, the score, the margin of safety, share price in dollars and share price in native currency. When you click on a specific stock, you will be shown more information about that sock for example this one.

Tykr Review



Sean’s Portfolio will show you what the CEO of Tykr invests in and why and the portfolio weight and the education section is where you will find all the knowledge you need, it has Tips to get started, Articles on finance, investing and building wealth, Stock Reviews provided by Sean Tepper (CEO of Tykr), Learn the math that powers Tykr., A podcast on building business, wealth, and financial freedom, Webinars and Knowledge base.

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