Ways to Make Money in South Africa As a Student

Looking for ways to make money in South Africa as a student? Well, you will find plenty of ways to make money as a student here in the economically and culturally rich nation of South Africa. Most people who study abroad (if they are not South Africans) go to study business or management, which is one of the most lucrative degrees to pursue in any country around the world. However, there are also other ways to make money in South Africa as a student, if you are a creative sort. It’s an emerging economy and there is a lot of potential for people who know how to harness it. Here are some ideas:

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at photography, start off by taking photos of wildlife, with your compact camera of course! The photographs you take can then be put into small albums and given away as Christmas or birthday gifts, if you’re lucky. If you want to learn how to make money in South Africa as a student, it’s not so hard, thanks to the many digital cameras available on the market today. Most schools and universities offer courses on photography, computer skills, etc. You can also join a few photography competitions, such as the Afriyie International Photography Competition, and win prizes if you are the best photographer.

One of the fastest growing industries in South Africa at the moment is Internet Marketing. The good thing about Internet Marketing is that you can work from home, from anywhere in the world, and you can make money in South Africa as a student. Just go to Google and type ‘Internet marketing’ and you’ll find plenty of websites offering information and products that would help you make money in South Africa as a student.

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