Day 4 EA Live Trading Results

Day 3’s results were very good because no trades were opened to catch spikes no wonder it had no losses. Today, I still went on with the same inputs as of yesturday.

Day 4 inputs

Lot size: 0.20

Risk % : 1

Minimum profit: 1

Day 4 Results

Duration: 6hours and 48 minutes

profit or loss: profit of +$4.62


Am sure you are aware that by using a 1 to 10% risk % can prevent you from making profits with a smaller account. This is because, before another spike or drop can happen, The EA might have already closed the trade because it has reached the 1% risk rule which is about $0.60. So we gave away these $0.60.

In the new update, to make those with smaller accounts profitable, might disable the catching spikes and only SELL for Boom and BUY for Crash.

Am now taking in suggestions and features, report anything to Remember to join my Telegram channel and Group. And also my email list to receive updates.

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