Day 1 EA Results


Duration= 11 hours, 33 minutes
Lot size= 1
amount started with= $15,847.74
Risk %= 10% which is $1587 per trade
Risk amount= was willing to lose $5000


Maximum profit was +$70
Maximum loss per trade was -$41
Final balance at the end of trading: $15853.04
Profit or loss?= +$5.3 Profit.


  1. I risked 10% per trade which was $1587. But losses didn’t reach anywhere this far. The largest loss was $41.
  2. The minimum profit set was $5 but the largest profit per trade I got was $70 which is good.
  3. The EA performed well in this 11 hours. The EA usually performs well from morning to lunch time. But I did the opposite and run it in the night.
  4. I designed the EA to minimize losses such that it cannot blow your entire account even when using it in aggressive mode.

I am still testing different inputs and see how it performs, will live stream it in real account soon.


The risk % I used was abnormal and I don’t recommend using 10% per trade. This was for testing purposes. Most of the profits gone because of the losses, even though, it still performed well.

What are your results so far?

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