10 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bills – Save Money and Help the Environment!



If you wish to save money each month, try out these 10 ways to reduce your water bill immediately:

Only wash half of your dishes with your dishwasher. If replacing a washing machine or dishwasher, get a high efficiency model instead of a top load one. Use a slow-free water booster in your laundry. Replace your bathroom and kitchen faucets with high-efficiency models. Install an energy-efficient home water heater.

Use an air conditioner only when needed. Turn it off when there is little or no use. Run fresh water through your pipes only when it is needed to replace drinking water or your tap water. Save your water hose from getting rusty or dirty.

Get a solar-powered shower. Or, install a solar-powered hot water heater to save even more money on your water bills. Switch to a greener energy-efficient furnace or boiler. Insist on Energy Star appliances to save even more money on heating and cooling.

Grow more veggies. Try growing your own vegetables. You can save big bucks by growing your own vegetables instead of buying them from the grocery store. Instead of paying for water and soap, use “green” shampoo and soap to keep your tap water clean and free of chemicals and pollutants. Cut down on your soda consumption and other “drinks” that contain a lot of sugar and vinegar, which also adds to your water bill.

Use less water in your laundry. Clothes that are prewashed or dryer-washed will use less water. Use cold water for dishwashing, instead of hot water. If your clothes are in need of dry cleaning, try drying them in a hanging closet, instead of letting them soak in the machine.

Limit outdoor water consumption. If you have trees around your home, limit the amount of time you take a bath or shower. Reduce the amount of time you swim in the pool or ocean. Reduce your usage of outdoor dishwashers, shower heads and laundry machines. The more you save, the less you spend. These savings can be applied to your water bills.

There are many other ways to cut your water consumption without compromising on your bathing experience. Water conservation is easy, inexpensive and good for your health. Make a water-conserving plan now. Your water bills will start going down the drain!

Consider buying an efficient shower or water heater. Install a low-flow toilet and make sure your dishwasher and laundry machine only use water while they’re running. These and other lifestyle changes will help you save money on your water bill. You can learn more about water-saving tips at the National Water Council website.

Use an automatic shower head, if you have one. These usually only use half of the water necessary to run. Or, install a high-efficiency showerhead, which will save you money on your water consumption. To learn more about showerhead technologies, visit the Energy Star website. In fact, the Energy Star hotline in your area may also be able to provide you with information about water saving products.

Turn off your lights when you leave the house. This simple action can save you gallons of water each day! Outdoor lighting is particularly efficient at saving water, since it only uses light for about an hour per hour of use. And, of course, consider turning your basement lights off at night. Doing so will help you save on your water consumption as well.

Use a low-flow toilet whenever possible. These toilets are especially good at conserving water, since they don’t waste water when they are flushing. If you can’t afford an environmentally friendly toilet, try using a high-efficiency model. Both of these are cheaper options than buying a tank-less toilet. Tank-less toilets consume about twice as much water as a high-efficiency model, but they are much more efficient at conserving it.

Consider buying a water-conserving appliance. You may not have realized it, but you actually consume a lot more water than you think! Conserving water saves water, even when you don’t use it right away. Purchasing a high-efficiency, tank-less water heater is one way to go, or you could invest in a “smart” home water-conserving appliance like a water-saving showerhead or a whole house water-conserving appliance. You can also use specially designed water-conserving showerheads that only turn on when it’s hot out of the shower!

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