WP Rocket Review – An Honest Review on the WP Rocket

Few other WordPress plugins can match WP Rocket in terms of speed, ease of usage, frequent updates and support, and many extra functions. WP Rocket is a simple and powerful new WordPress cache that promises to make WordPress run much faster in just a few simple clicks. The cache plugin works as the background layer for the fast performance mode of WordPress, making your website visitors’ browsing experience extremely smooth. With its lightweight design, the plugin utilizes less system resources than other popular cache themes, making it highly efficient. WP Rocket comes with a wonderful set of visual and functional add-ons to enhance the overall power of this theme.

I really like the way that WP Rocket integrates cache features into its design. It’s not only clean and effective, but it has many useful and unique features that will be useful to most website owners. One of its final thoughts is that there is no need for any separate plug-ins for the regular users. With WP Rocket, all the regular settings and options are already available in the “WP Rocket” folder, providing an extremely simplified, user-friendly interface. This is probably the best step taken by the developers to ensure compatibility of their theme in non-standard browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

With this software, you can save time by avoiding unwanted prompts for additional features such as image optimization and cookies. If you do not want to add any of these features, you don’t have to. You also won’t have to deal with unnecessary pop up windows that you usually get from other browser caching add-ons. For instance, the add-on allows you to choose which images will be stored along with other cache settings. There are also some other minor tweaks that you can consider doing according to your preferences.

You may think that the application is just a plain old widget but you’d be surprised at how flexible and customizable it is. WP Rocket enables you to change the colors of your interface to match your mood or theme. Moreover, it gives you access to the latest WordPress plugins such as WP-Themes, SEO Swipe and All in one SEO Swipe. The code behind these functions is relatively simple and straightforward, so adding them to your WordPress blog is not complicated at all.

With the code you can customize the color scheme and theme elements as well. With a superior performance and superb visual appearance, the premium caching plugin offers your site superior functionality, visual appeal, and accessibility. Aside from that, it has been designed in such a way that it makes it easier to read, browse and use. The best thing about it is that you can also get access to a complete range of features such as built in search engines, multiple themes, and photo galleries.

The developers have integrated image optimization with lazyload feature so that you won’t have to deal with slow loading image optimization issues anymore. Another great thing about it is that you will get instant loading when you activate the plug-in. They have tested and optimized the plug-ins to load image fast without disturbing the loading time of other important functions.

Wp Rocket ensures better page caching by compressing images before the page is requested. This function will maximize your bandwidth and keep your site optimized while you use gzip compression. It also helps you reduce your page load times and improve your website’s visibility. It helps you optimize your images’ quality and size before sending them to the client.

Aside from the outstanding page caching feature, the developers of this software has also added a powerful feature called left-side panel auto-installer. This is one of the best features of this program because the feature will enable you to configure and install your entire website including the database. You don’t need to know any information about how to install the entire website because the program will take you through step by step process. The interface looks very clean and easy to use. It can work flawlessly in Internet Explorer 7, as most people use this browser.

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