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The Bunny CDN is a new content delivery network that has been launched by IABR in collaboration with Cogent Communications, to supply fast access to content via IP-based networks. IABR claims the Bunny CDN has the lowest latency of any CDN system to date, thanks to cache co-ordination between its routers and edge routers. This enables clients to request content from any location on earth with little or no delay, while guaranteeing consistent and high quality delivery. The pricing of the service is designed to be competitive with other leading CDN offerings, with features that will appeal to a wide range of consumers. In this Bunny CDN Review we take a closer look at some of the key claims made by the IABR business unit, as well as looking at the pricing of the system, its deployment and ongoing performance.

In this Bunny CDN Review we take a closer look at the Bunny optimizer, a local cache optimizer that provides superior scalability and performance compared to other similar systems. A number of other components such as the BunnyCDN Gateway and front end application, the Bunny caches, are combined to provide a complete cache service. The Bunny optimizer, together with the local cache service provides a cost-efficient solution for e-commerce websites that wish to leverage the capacity of a world-class CDN.

With an effective deployment, it is possible for e-commerce sites to achieve the desired level of traffic and performance, with cost-effective pricing structure. It is also possible to achieve a strong level of reliability and security with features such as content delivery and latency monitoring. With over six months of active operation, the operational cost of this CDN solution is less than one dollar per month. It also offers a strong reliability rating, thanks to the use of a dedicated circuit fabric and redundant circuits in the core network. The system offers an exceptional performance and provides a robust mechanism for content delivery and a highly scalable and reliable gateway. With the ability to adapt to any changing market, it provides a superior value with a very low price.

One of the many advantages offered by BunnyCDN is the high availability and lightning-fast delivery of requested pages. High Availability means that your site is available even when there is network or server problems. With BunnyCDN’s capability of being able to serve thousands of requests a second, customers and providers can be confident that their pages will be delivered quickly. Latency is another issue that needs to be addressed with the right policy in place. In this sense, the company has made efforts to address the issues of latency and buffering.

Many customers find that their problems with latency and buffering are solved by the company in terms of improving the policies and procedures for handling traffic with BunnyCDN. Some companies like Cogent Communications have found that their problems with these two issues were solved by the BunnyCDN policies and that their businesses improved in terms of their response time and content delivery speed. Several other companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and others also offer the benefits of a super-fast Internet connection through BunnyCDN at very reasonable pricing.

BunnyCDN also offers two different types of service plans for the business community. These include the HotLinking Protection and the Proximity Based Pull Zone Services. The HotLinking Protection is provided to companies that do not have physical or logical boundaries with other companies. This offers protection from accidental deletion or damage. The Proximity Based Pull Zone Services provides an application with which the pulling of information from the pull zone of other sites can be done in accordance with the security specifications of the service. Both of these services support virtual private networks, which enable secure online transactions between webmasters.

For webmasters, WordPress is an excellent CMS that is very easy to install and use. It also includes great content delivery network features such as hotlinking protection and cache invalidation. If you want to add new pages to your site, then a good suggestion would be to download a content delivery network plugin like wp-boom or wp-cc.

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