ZANACO Xapit withdraw charges in 2022

The new withdraws or cash out charges for Zanaco/Xapit customers are shown in the chart below.

Zanaco/Xapit has the cheapest withdrawal charges, compared to Airtel, MTN, Zamtel, and Atrasmara/Tenga.
As a customer, you will most likely be able to withdraw a maximum of K10,000 each day from your account (this is a daily restriction). Visit any Zanaco Agent at your leisure and complete the transaction.

It is also possible to transfer money from your Zanaco/Xapit account to Airtel, MTN, or Zamtel.

Check out the most recent Zanaco/ Xapit cash out or withdrawal information below:

ZANACO Xapit withdraw charges in 2022

0 – 1506.50
151 – 250K7.50
251 -500K8.00
501 – 1000K8.50
1001 -2000K9.00
ZANACO Xapit withdraw charges in 2022

Tips to remember when using Zanaco Xapit

Never tell anyone your PIN because it is YOUR SECRET.
– Do not leave your cash with the Agent to be deposited at a later time.
– Before leaving the outlet, make sure to sign a Zanaco transaction register.
– Transaction fees should not be paid in cash; the system will automatically collect them.
– Please double-check your POS printed receipt for cash withdrawals and deposits.
– If the Agent is using a mobile phone or an App, make sure you get a text message when the transaction is approved.

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