PayPal Withdraw Fees in Zambia

Receiving and withdrawing of money from PayPal is not supported in Zambia. For you to be able to receive and withdraw, you need to use someone’s PayPal from a different country where PayPal works without any limitations. If you do not have one, you can withdraw through me in Zambia by sending the money to my PayPal account and I get to withdraw for you and send via mobile money.

How to withdraw PayPal funds in Zambia

You first have to WhatsApp me on 0977770202. And you will be required to send the funds to my PayPal account. The whole process takes 3 to 4 working days. Below are The fees you should be aware of.

Paypal to Payoneer3%
Payoneer Receiving fee1%
Payoneer to Bank account$15
My bank to your mobile moneyK20
Paypal fees in Zambia

Other fees

To help you with this, I charge an extra fee, this is more like a “thank you payment” for helping you. The fee depends on the amount you are withdrawing.

Below $50$8 fee
Between $51 and $100$15
between $101 to $200$20
between $201 to $300$25
between $301 to 400$30
$401 to $500$35
$501 to $600$40
$601 to 700$45
$701 to 800$50
$801 to 900$55
$901 to 1000$60
Other fees

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