What is a Trojan horse?

Learn What a Trojan horse is. A Trojan horse is a program that allows the attack to control the user’s computer from a remote location. The program is usually disguised as something that is useful to the user. Once the user has installed the program, it has the ability to install malicious payloads, create backdoors, install other unwanted applications that can be used to compromise the user’s computer, etc.

The list below shows some of the activities that the attacker can perform using a Trojan horse.

Use the user’s computer as part of the Botnet when performing distributed denial of service attacks.
Damage the user’s computer (crashing, blue screen of death, etc.)
Stealing sensitive data such as stored passwords, credit card information, etc.
Modifying files on the user’s computer
Electronic money theft by performing unauthorized money transfer transactions
Log all the keys that a user presses on the keyboard and sending the data to the attacker. This method is used to harvest user ids, passwords, and other sensitive data.
Viewing the users screenshot
Downloading browsing history data.

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