PHP 7.3/7.4 Packages for WordPress

PHP 7.37.4 Packages for WordPress

View and Download PHP 7.3/7.4 Packages for WordPress and learn how to install on Ubuntu Desktop or Server If the list of packages PHP 7,3 needed for WordPress is being searched, a list and a one-line version to install are provided here for you. I have php7.3-fpm included, as you should use FPM if your … Read more

8 Best PHP Frameworks in 2022

8 Best PHP Frameworks in 2022

Choosing the best framework for PHP development has a lot to do with the kind of projects that you are likely to develop. If your projects are not too complex, then you should select the MVC frameworks for PHP and the XML/SOAP frameworks for now. For more complex projects, there are the CakePHP framework and … Read more

How to Choose Between Web Apps and Websites

For many businesses, understanding the difference between web applications and websites is crucial. Both are necessary for any business that wants to grow nationally. However, websites are certainly easier to comprehend and work with than applications. In a nutshell, web applications are online interactive in nature, whereas websites are simply a repository of information displayed … Read more

How a Linux Server Can Beat Windows Hosting

In a recent blog post, I compared Linux vs. Windows Hosting. There are basically two types of Hosting, Linux or Windows. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference between these two types of Hosting is based around cost. Linux Hosting is cheaper than Windows Hosting. The reasons that Linux Hosting is cheaper … Read more

How Can a Teenager Make Money in South Africa

If you want to know how can a teenager make money in south Africa, then you must have visited the farms and ranches up north. South Africa is an amazing country, as it is surrounded by the magnificent African wilderness. You will travel through vast stretches of the majestic wilderness, which is full of lions, … Read more