flat design website

Need a website designer or developer in Zambia?

Learn what a flat design website is. Flat layout is a development style for apps with flat, two-dimensional features and bright colours. The skeuomorphic form also coincides with the perception of three dimensions through clones of real-life elements. With the launch of Windows 8, Apple’s iOS 7 and Google’s Material Design, all using flat design, … Read more

Web hosting in Zambia

Web hosting in Zambia

I Keith Rainz can help you with Web hosting in Zambia. I provide VPS and Cloud hosting for optimum performance of your web apps, Unlike other developers in Zambia who host clients’s websites on shared hosting. You’ll have no question about the word cloud computing if you’ve ever looked into computing a website or app. … Read more

Web design in Zambia

Learn more on Web design in Zambia, need a website for your business in Zambia?. A well-designed business website that is directly attractive to its target audience should be clear and easy to understand. Right, a website can make a great difference to the presence of your company and lead customers to buy who else … Read more

What is web development in Zambia

What is web development in Zambia

Learn What is web development in Zambia. Web development in Zambia is also known as Website Development, which is widely known as intranet and internet hosting and manages websites. The development processes range from the creation of plain text pages to the creation of complex internet-based applications like web design, online e-commerce sites, production of … Read more

Web designing in Zambia

What is web development in Zambia

web designing in Zambia. Web design is a production method with the purpose of displaying the material on digital web pages that can be viewed by end-users via the internet using a web browser. It may also include website structure, architecture of information, ergonomics of navigation, colors, contrasts, website layout along with the design of … Read more

Web development and designing in Zambia

Learn Web development and designing in Zambia. Developing the website is not only about learning and using new languages from web developers in Zambia, but also about learning more about marketing, gathering and interaction between people and computers. Website creation has completely shifted from basic HTML-powered pages to immersive information and e-commerce portals. There wasn’t … Read more

what is a Virtual private server vps

Learn what a Virtual private server vps is. Um… you’ve probably heard this VPS acronym before. And now, when your market work is getting deeper and deeper, you hear it more often, and you have the impression that this is something that is very important for trading. Okay, you’re absolutely right. And now you’re telling … Read more