The difference between web design and web development in Zambia

Learn The difference between web design and web development in Zambia.

Web Design in Zambia

We must first understand the meaning of architecture or web design in Zambia before we describe web design. According quote Merriam-Webster, design is “a rough sketch or illustration that indicates the main characteristics of something to be carried out.” In order to expand further, a concept is normally the end result of a graphic image or plot. The graphic dimension of websites is also stated in the web design.
In addition to visual appeal, user experience is often taken into account another important aspect. Design teams use UI / UX to capture the attention of customers and provide meaningful experience as part of their strategy.

Web Development in Zambia

The creation of websites in Zambia is the way web projects are created and taken to a website live. It is typically done using Xml, html, CSS and JavaScript, three main Web technologies. The front end of all web sites is built through these three languages. Frameworks also provide pages and Web applications additional functionality.

In addition to bringing projects to life, some web developers monitor elements of the platform that can not be seen by the customer. The architecture is known as back-end and can be viewed as the rationale of the website.

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