FAQ on AdSense Monetization in Zambia

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Zambian YouTuber to subscribe to in 2021

My name is Keith Rainz, I am a Zambian YouTuber. I create video content mainly on how to make money online, business and tutorials. I never do pranks, comedy or other stupid stuff. If this something that interests you, then go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel in Zambia here.

How to become a YouTuber in Zambia

It is easier than you think. If you have a smartphone or PC, you can become a YouTuber. All you need to do is to choose a niche or what your channel will be about and make videos and upload. Click here to learn how to create a YouTube account.

How to rank or get more views on YouTube channel in Zambia

After creating your channel, you will need people to watch your videos and this something that is hard at first since you need to promote your videos on your own. Learn how I rank my videos fast here.

How to make money on YouTube in Zambia

Now that you have your channel set up, you will need to monetize your videos in Zambia. Learn how to make money in Zambia on YouTube here.

Adsense PIN verification for YouTube and Website in Zambia

Adsense PIN verification it is something that is hard in Zambia, Learn how I created and verified my Adsense account in Zambia here.

Does Adsense work in Zambia?

Yes, Adsense works in Zambia. But first, you need to understand two things. There are two types of monetization.

  1. Website/blog monetization in Zambia – This is where you signed up for Adsense and apply for monetization of your content or posts on your website or blog. Monetization of websites is 100% fully supported in Zambia. Learn how to monetize a blog in Zambia here.
  2. YouTube channel monetization – This is where you apply for the YouTube partner program and earn money. This is not fully supported in Zambia. Zambia is not on the list of countries where people can apply for monetization. In countries where monetization is not available, people usually change their channel country to a monetization available country like the USA. But this is not something that YouTube encourages people to do. To get monetized on YouTube in Zambia, you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours in the last 12 months before applying not 12 calendar months.

How to get paid by Adsense in Zambia and on YouTube

Adsense pays on 21st of every month and the minimum amount is 70 EUR. Adsense pays on the following month for example if I make 100 EUR, I can’t get paid this month, can only get paid the following month. Available payment methods are wire transfer, where Adsense sends the money directly to your bank in Zambia. The second payment method is Cheque, this is where Adsense mails you a cheque.


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