steps towards a full web design in Zambia

Learn these steps towards a full web design in Zambia.

So you think about beginning with a website in Zambia, but don’t you know the process too well?

You’re in the right place, then!

Today, the entire web design in Zambia process will be covered in seven comprehensive steps from start to finish. At the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what to look forward to before, during and after website launch from your web design agency in Zambia.

Let’s start! Let’s start!

What do you want to do with your website in Zambia?

Until you start, you can test what is being done on your website for your business in Zambia. A brick and mortar store to build on e-commerce in Zambia has different objectives than a new neighborhood dental office. Remember your prospective customers in Zambia. Are your first point of contact on your website? Why are they on your website looking for? Know who / what / why of your customers and provide your designers and developers in Zambia with more valuable information.

2. Find the perfect web design agency for your needs in Zambia – hire me

Various websites address different goals and for organizations the same can be said. The agency that can deal efficiently with your strategic issue, without compromiseing your vision visually, will find the perfect agency for your web design project. Agencies in web design work often in niches. You can always consider industry experts in your field to take a more favorable approach. Well you do not need to find an agency, youu can contact me now.

3. what information you will need to provide to a web design agency in Zambia or me

The process usually does not begin until the brand assets are provided by the designer. Normally at this point logos, styles, color palettes and other essential brand images are needed. Your designer in Zambia must study your assets in order to make better design choices during the entire web design process. Basically, you collaborate with the client to build a brief–complete strategically and esthetically with clear objectives.

Additionally, most companies may request an initial deposit (depending on the project size, between 25 percent and 50 percent) when the contract is signed and the specifics negotiated. As for me i require a 75 percent.

are you looking for a web developer or designer agency or company or freelancer in Zambia?

Hai, my name is Keith Rainz, a freelancer in web design and development as well security and digital marketing from Zambia.
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—My Process—
Interested in my services?
First step you need to contact me either on my website or Instagram or Whatsapp and tell me about what you want, a website or seo or web security or branding or content marketing or digital marketing and your budget.

Second, I will reply you with a quote and how much everything will cost and time it will take me to deliver your work.

Thirdly, you will need to read my terms and conditions from here

Fourth, you will need to pay me the specified amount according to my terms and conditions and begin working.
The last step will be develivering your work and making some last payments if any.

Why should you hire me?

  1. I am a freelancer and not a company and I am able to work at any time, night or day and finish your project faster at a very affordable fee
  2. I am a self taught developer and my talent too, therefore I love what I do and make sure I deliver the best.
  3. When developing websites, I put seo in mind which can rank your website on Google first page results resulting to increased sales.

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  1. When creating website, I also keep speed in mind, readers get discouraged being on a website that takes long to load, even Google can’t rank a website that loads for more than 3 seconds.

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There is more I can talk about with you, web security, seo, marketing and so on, to hear more, feel free to contact me.

Keith Rainz
freelancer in web design

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