Week 2 & 3’s Boom & Crash trading signals performance report

As you might be aware, I trade and give signals from early morning when the market seems to be favorable or with less manipulations which is about from 07, some times 06:00 AM to about 11 AM GMT +2. In week 1, I focused on more signals between 4 and 12 in 4 hours which resulted in more losses.

This time, I am now focusing on sending only a few signals with less losses and it’s really working. Saturdays and Sundays, I don’t give signals, so these days are not counted.

Week 2 & 3’s Boom & Crash trading signals performance report

DayTotal SignalsProfitslosses
3rd NOV33
8TH NOV321
week 1 and 2 performance result

Why are results for 9th and 10th missing? well, on these days, I sent different type of signals with the aim of teaching market structure, how price moves when it comes to Boom and Crash. These 2 trades went into profits but price reversed back and hit stop loss. So some did make profits those who closed early and some made losses.

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