Web security in Zambia

Learn Web security in Zambia and how you can secure your websites and web apps from all known type of attacks. In this era where nothing is secure, web security is important to protect and secure your web apps to avoid hackers being able to hack your data and display it publicily such as login details and credit card numbers.

Safety of Web applications is the process of protecting sensitive online data from unauthorized access or alteration. This is done through the implementation of stringent policy measures. Security threats may compromise an organization’s stored data are hackers with malicious intent trying to gain access to sensitive information.

The aim of Web application security is to identify the following:

  • Critical assets of the organization
  • Genuine users who may access the data
  • Level of access provided to each user
  • Various vulnerabilities that may exist in the application
  • Data criticality and risk analysis on data exposure
  • Appropriate remediation measures

How do you secure websites?

Well, they say, to catch a thief you need to be a thief. This also applies here, you cant protect what you dont know unless you hire someone like me. Inshort, you need to be a hacker too to know how you can prevent those attacks.

Interested in securing your website?

Well if so, contact me right away before its too late.

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