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Learn more on Email marketing in Zambia. Email Marketing is the art of conveying a specific message through an email or a series of emails to a certain set of people. Now, in this era of Facebook, Whatsapp and all kinds of instant messaging platforms, you might ask, Why would I want to use emails to market my product or services?.

Technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, etc. allow brands to advertise, YES!

Or, if they’re going down? What if we alter a big algorithm that lets you invest almost 10 times your advertising? You can do something about it?

That’s when you come to your rescue with email marketing. The email list is your greatest asset as it helps you to connect with your main stakeholders-clients, staff, representatives, etc.

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Here are some advantages of Email Marketing in Zambia

  • Email is an opt-in to a personal space for prospects. Your message will land in the inbox of the user.
  • Just do this, you don’t have just be a marketing genius. It can be achieved by anyone. It’s quick, you’re collecting messages, making a list and regularly sending them emails.

  • The number of emails is growing.
  • Email is way better for customer engagement, retention and acquisition than you think!

It’s easy if you want to send an email to 10 people, you can always enter their email IDs and you’re good to go. What if you have one thousand or ten thousand or ten thousand thousand email IDs to handle?

Sending emails separately is virtually not feasible. This is when you start using 3rd party software such as-MailChimp, SendGrid, Zoho Email, etc. to manage the majority of email IDs and other related details.

This software is designed to help you manage your email lists, send email campaigns, schedule future emails, track open email rates and much more.

Key ingredients to run an Email Marketing Campaign in Zambia

  1. A computer with an internet connection, and YOU!
  2. An email ID or a list of email IDs. Now there are various ways in which you can build email lists. Digital Marketers use Free Giveaways, Discount codes, etc in exchange for your email ID and other personal information.
  3. A message that is intended to be sent. Ideally, the message should include some text, an image and a CTA(Call to Action) which urges people to take an action – Purchase a product or Read a blog or Participate in a competition.
  4. SaaS(Software as a Service) product like MailChimp, SendGrid, Zoho Mail, etc to send out emails and effectively manage them
  5. Patience, and time.

Need to email market? integrate Mailchimp? a website? digital marketing or have a question? if so contact me now.

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