User generated content | AdSense Program Policies

Here is what AdSense says about user-generated content and AdSense program policies. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know from what John from AdSense said.

User-generated content | AdSense Program Policies

Publishers whose website includes comment sections or forums Or social media posts, or any user-generated content They have to be aware that the users’ comments You must also comply with our policies and restrictions On publishers Hence, if a publisher writes an article about a current event He is responsible for checking Ensure that user comments comply with our policies and standards Restrictions imposed on publishers We apply content restrictions to publishers We implement policy actions on user comments.

To build the trust of our users and advertisers In the integrated digital advertising ecosystem Premium content that you provide as publishers Rude comments can tarnish or incite hatred Of users This can harm your brand and cause user sentiment Abuse and violate Google’s policies And restrictions on publishers We are taking action to enforce the policy and enforce publisher restrictions Any content appearing on your pages That show ‘Google ads’ Publishers know that not everyone’s intentions are Who comment sound or based on informed Hence, comment sections can become a venue For negative, rude or offensive comments that detract from From your article or trademark, and may result in the possibility of registration Policy-related violations of the publisher As a publisher, some procedures are available.

 You can take to keep user comments safe for users and advertisers While you’re making money with Google First, you must understand that you are responsible for all content List of your pages that have the Google Ads icon appearing on Here is a collection of best practices To work with user-generated content Post a content policy Basically, you should write and publish what is permitted What is not allowed so that the users are aware of this Assess the risks associated with user comments Before monetizing a page that includes user reviews Monitor your pages displaying user-generated content Request to report violations to users Provide them with a link to report the infringing content Create or use a programmable system for filtering content.

 To monitor for violations and stop ads from serving Use a third-party comment plugin This may be a better option than creating your own Many of these systems include a plug-in Effective for moderation and content filtering When creating your own system You will have to create a plan to monitor user comments With powerful, responsive controls With human monitoring or continuous algorithm Here is another option to consider Small-sized diffusers can benefit from a small design change.

 Instead of placing comments on the same page as the content Comments can be added on a separate page that does not include the ad code At the end of the content, a call-to-action can be added Such as “User comments” or “Show comments” This allows users to choose to display comments When the user clicks the call-to-action It is moved to a new page It doesn’t have a Google Ads script Why is this important? We are always working hard to create an ad network Where users and advertisers feel protected Confident that their brands You will not link to inappropriate content Some types of user-generated content On pages that include the Google Ads code You may be subject to restrictions regarding access to the publisher For ads from certain sources If the content of your website is classified as a policy violation Google Publishers. 

Google has the right to block ads Next to it or suspend or terminate your account Hence, it is important for publishers to follow Policies, limitations and best practices That we publish All of our policies are designed and implemented To build trust in the integrated digital advertising ecosystem The future of Google is linked to the future of our partners We believe in promoting an environment It allows users, advertisers, and publishers Altogether, to thrive in a successful integrated digital advertising ecosystem And through equality in our appreciation for each party We help to ensure the sustainability of our sector We hope this video helps you to familiarize yourself with our policy Publishers related to user-generated content You can find other videos explaining our policies In the policy-related playlist on our channel Thank you

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