How to Choose Between Web Apps and Websites

For many businesses, understanding the difference between web applications and websites is crucial. Both are necessary for any business that wants to grow nationally. However, websites are certainly easier to comprehend and work with than applications. In a nutshell, web applications are online interactive in nature, whereas websites are simply a repository of information displayed … Read more

Web Hosting for Non-Profits – Features You Should Look For in a Non-Profit Website Hosting Plan

When choosing a web hosting company there are several things to look out for. There is a huge variety of web hosting companies and choosing one can be a bit difficult. For example, are you going to be using a free or paid service? What is your needs and how much traffic do you expect … Read more

WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia

WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia

Are you looking for a WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia, WordPress developer in Zambia or Woocommerce developer in Zambia? Welcome to Keith Rainz, I am a freelancer in WordPress design and development in Zambia. At Keith Rainz, I specialize in designing and developing websites on the worlds #1 CMS WordPress platform in Zambia … Read more