WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia

WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia

Are you looking for a WordPress Design And Development Agency In Zambia, WordPress developer in Zambia or Woocommerce developer in Zambia? Welcome to Keith Rainz, Zambia’s leading WordPress agency.

At Keith Rainz, we specialize in designing and developing websites on the worlds #1 CMS WordPress platform in Zambia.

Keith Rainz is on a completely different level for WordPress production. We use WordPress to create rich, individual websites with individual topics, plugins and features.

WordPress is the most powerful starting point to create and use your website, shop or company.

After its release in 2003, we have developed together with WordPress, and we have used this creation from a simple blogging platform to a company level platform in which a third of all online e-commerce takes place!.

Why Choose WordPress CMS in Zambia?

60% market share

Of all the CMS-built sites on the internet,  60% of them are built on WordPress.

50,000 plugins

There are over 50,000 plugins available to help transform your WordPress website into a powerful business machine.

Powerful SEO

Of all the CMS platforms, WordPress gives you the most control over what you can do to boost your website in the Search Engine Rankings.

My WordPress Development team at Keith Rainz in Zambia

With two years ‘experience in the construction of CMS web pages, as well as in the design and development of beautiful customized Word Press themes, we are one of the leading developers in Zambia.

In addition, to provide you with an extension of features, our WordPress developers work with the new plug-ins and widgets to fulfill your individual needs.

Our WordPress designers will have all the training you need in addition to designing and creating your custom website to help you and your team handle their websites efficiently.

We also lead Zambia in developing eCommerce and offer a wide range of digital services that can help your business flourish.

We are Experienced WordPress developers in Zambia

During the last two years, we’ve been producing some hundred exclusive website design and creation projects and we are proud to create beautifully architectured, powerful WordPress websites.

We not only design an impressive website for your client, but we also ensure the core user travel smoothly and provide all the features needed for converting by means of the latest frameworks and coding standards.

Our team of designers and developers is a WordPress agency in Zambia which works very hard to understand your business so that we provide you with a website which works hard for your business online.

WordPress plugins in Zambia

There are hundreds of thousands of developers working together to upgrade the platform, enhance security and add new features as an open source content management system (CMS).

More than 50,000 plugins are now available to improve the website features. From the help of Yoast to the SEO of your website, to the improvement of pace, to the use of WooComerce to transform your website into an e-commerce store and to the use of WordFence in addition to an extra level of security, to the participation of our developers in the open source community to contribute code, checks and feedback to the official WordPress releases!

We also specialize in developing custom WordPress plugins for companies that take the CMS to the next level in particular.

If a user looks at one of our WordPress pages, they have no idea what it’s installed in; that’s the idea. WordPress is about the brand and reputation for visiting users. The downside is that the material that tourists see must be handled and tracked!

You can log into a closed-out back-end area from which you can fully handle all about your site as your website administrator. From monitoring of existing pages and complete addition to user management and the development of new ways of communication. This CMS field is so intuitive to be used to monitor and upgrade your website, even by non technician users.

Given this degree of user acceptance, our developers can adapt our framework to the requirements of their businesses with the appropriate level of complexity.

PHP System In our projects

we take every detail into account and see to consistently make decisions that keep your website new, relevant and usable for as long as possible without reconstruction.

That’s why WordPress and its built in (PHP) programming language are the perfect solution, because they won’t be ready early. They also provide support and expertise.

PHP is a popular open source, general purpose language for the creation of web pages. Fast, scalable and functional, from small blogs to the world’s most popular websites, PHP enables users to make use of it every day.

Business case for WordPress

The use of WordPress as a CMS for the new design of our sites makes business sense for a number of reasons: Open source code guarantees you free updates for your lives Limitless development capabilities. Simple to use CMS Accc, Massive community supports the Abundance system of plugins to quickly add features to your site.

WordPress development services in Zambia

We are delighted to meet your specific needs on your Website for WordPress either in our office or at your headquarters. We will develop a comprehensive service plan that provides a effective website that meets your business requirements.

As part of our project, we will work with you to decide what is needed for your current website or what a new website needs to do in terms of business design and create custom WordPress themes from scratch. Provide the ideal website hosting solution for you based on your site needs.

Get in touch now

If you need a designer to make your site in Zambia fresher and more effective or a developer in Zambia to create a custom theme, apps and new plugins, our Zambia agency has a team of designers and developers from WordPresse with years of CMS experience and several of our WordPress projects.

Email keith@keithrainz.me +260977770202

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