How to create a website in Zambia

Learn how to create a website in Zambia from this guide. Creating a website for your business in Zambia is simpler than you think. There are two ways of creating a website in Zambia. You can as well learn my YouTube channel on how to create a website for free on your own here

How to create a website in Zambia:

  • Hiring someone to create for you a website in Zambia and
  • Creating a website in Zambia by yourself.
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What is the cheapest way of creating a website in Zambia?

The cheapest way to create a website in Zambia is by yourself, you will only pay for web hosting in Zambia and buying a domain name. This is good for small simple sites like a blog. If you need a complex site, it is better to hire a freelancer like me than hiring a company of which can cost you more.

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Things to consider before creating a website in Zambia

  • You need to buy a domain name, domain names cost about $20 per year.
  • You need to pay for hosting for your website which ranges from $10 to $100 per month. I prefer a VPS or cloud hosting for faster sites not shared hosting.

how to make a website in Zambia

how to make a website in Zambia

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