Some tips and terms you should know to help you make out the most from our signals

  1. Not all signals will be complete when sent(having stop loss, take profit levels), but you don’t need to worry about that. You will be getting notified later on.
  2. Some signals may have multiple take profit levels and may have the word (open take profit) meaning that you can close at any level you feel like. But we will advise or notify you to close on first take profit level or second.
  3. Our risk management and Reward-to-risk-ratio strategy may not be in align with yours, therefore you are free to follow yours and be responsible for it or follow ours (like stop loss levels etc. Having some past trading experience together with our signals, will definitely help you more.
  4. Trading aggressively and lot sizes – If you would like to trade aggressively with our signals, well, that can work in the short run but not in the long run.(meaning you can make a lot of money fast and lose it all at any time.) Chances of blowing your account are very high unless if you can trade aggressively in a smart way.

About lot sizes, I have a video about recommended lot sizes to use when trading Boom and Crash, watch here:

FYI, Here are the lowest lot sizes for indices we provide signals for

Boom 1000 – 0.2
Boom 500 – 0.2
Boom 300 – 0.01

Crash 1000 – 0.2
Crash 500 -0.2
Crash 300 -0.01

And Volatility 75 -0.001

About our platform

  • Everything on our platform is working perfectly apart from On Telegram where The telegram bot is sending multiple notifications of the same signal instead of just sending one.

Our signals will be numbered, so ignore the duplicate while we work on it.

If you have a question regarding our platform, watch these videos in this playlist:

if your question is still not answered, simply create a new support ticket.

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