What business can I start with a K2000 in Zambia?

There are plenty of businesses in Zambia that you can launch with a K2000. Identify a need or needs in your area that are actually neither unsatisfied nor adequately served. For example, if you try to market Cell Phone Accessories, you would only be winning in that category if you vary from your rivals.

If you can sell goods that are of better quality than what your rivals sell, you will be able to get away with costs that are marginally higher than those offered by the market. People can also advertise to you by convincing you that you are selling goods that are much better in terms of quality so that they are reasonably priced.

There are also other ways you can distinguish yourself but I believe these are paramount in your case.

What can you do with ZMK2000 business? If you need to be told what company you need to start, you do not have to start a company. Company is about finding and meeting unmet desires better than anyone can. Only you will recognise certain needs which have been unfulfilled or badly served. Since you start with an exact sum as well, we can only really find out what Business you can do, we can only give advice. But take a look around, and do some testing. In a file, write down any numbers and you should be able to zero on what business you should do with ZMK2,000.

K2,000 is suitable money for any individual that seriously wishes to start a business.

It depends on your position and your vision for the future will company to launch.

For eg, if your ambition is eventually to be a major farmer you would need to start a farm-related company. I have two ideas here that you can order six goats each for K250 and that cost you K1,500. Transportation of goats to the Kasumbalesa board of Congo from the K500. The goats are sold for between K400 and K500. Buy from K2,400 and K3,000 the end of the day or ride you’ll get. Or you can order other products from the farm such as onions or tomatoes.

If your vision is in the smart business, you should go to Kazanga, apply to be their partner, they will send you a kazang computer for free. Ordering units for K2,000, the K2,000 Talktime will be available within one day depending on your venue. This will earn you a benefit of K100 which will raise your income to K2100. Next day you will repeat the process of raising your money to K2,105.

But keep in mind that it’s not as straightforward as it’s said. Company typically has problems, what distinguishes a businessman from the rest is how you work out those.

What you should know about copying other’s business ideas

You can’t make a profitable company that is built on someone else’s thoughts. What I am willing to do with K2000 is not something you can do with that. But even if we’ve told you what business you should do, if you don’t know how to do it, it’s going to be a waste of time and money.

Using the imagination, and come up with your own stuff. Image how you’re going to do it in your head, and expand the K2000. That way, your K2000 is more likely to rise.

Give me K2000 today and I’d grown it to K2500 by the time we wake up tomorrow. That’s a 25 per cent bonus, so you guess what? I know exactly what I’d be doing with that money. I know the person that I’d purchase and sell it to, and you don’t have any details about it.

Never start a company according to what people think or tell you. You are not them and you don’t have the same desires. I will show you how to do business so you can’t be told when to do business. That’s totally your decision.

What business can I do with K5000 Zambia Kwacha?

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What business can I start doing in K8000 in Zambia?

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What business can one start with K10,000 in Zambia?

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Profitable Businesses To Start In Zambia With K2000, K5000, k8000,k10,000

The current situation in Zambia has encouraged many Zambians to begin their own business. Do many people wonder what company would one start with this amount of range in Zambia? Business Ideas to Launch In Zambia at k2000 or any amount below K20000:

  • Sale Of Bottled Drink Or Bottled Water in Zambia
  • Popcorn Production Business in Zambia
  • Flashing/Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones Business in Zambia
  • Selling of electronics like smartphones in Zambia
  • Phone Accessories Business in Zambia
  • Fast Food Business in Zambia
  • Dry Cleaning Business in Zambia
  • Airtime selling
  • Mobile money business in Zambia


I hope these ideas and the general content helped you. If you have questions or opinions, feel free to comment below or contact me.

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  1. I prefer k10’000 thousands to start the business, which is I can show invest the money in mobile money businesses, I can rent the booth at k300 kwacha and I remain with k8,000 thousands as capital and how be making k5,000 per month if I remove the money for rental k300 how remain with k4,700 as profit, if like it you can call on 0966999158


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