Offering compensation for traffic on AdSense enabled site

Do you want to start paying people to read your posts or do other things on your website with AdSense ads on them? Here is what John from AdSense is saying about Offering compensation for traffic on your website.

What does AdSense say about Offering compensation for traffic on AdSense enabled site?

What do we consider to be providing rewards Versus visits? Simply, publishers are not permitted Putting Google ads on First, the websites that host Content relevant to programs offering incentives.

As opposed to clicking on links or ads and secondly, websites that offer incentives To read emails and thirdly, websites Which provide incentives to browsing other websites which can be Include automatic browsing websites and e-mail pay-to-read networks And websites to compare different pay-per-click programs, In short, we want to help create an environment Advertisers trust the integrated digital advertising ecosystem And websites that use reward programs Decrease confidence in this market We are always working on providing An integrated and successful digital advertising system The future of Google is linked to the future of our partners.

We believe in promoting an environment It allows users, advertisers, and publishers Altogether, to thrive in a successful integrated digital advertising ecosystem By appreciating each party, we help ensure sustainability Our sector We hope this video helps you familiarize yourself with this Best on our website policy Which offer reward programs for visits You can find other videos It explains our policies and restrictions on publishers In the playlist on our channel Thank you

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