How to protect your Deriv account from being hacked

Scammers with little knowledge on hacking are on the rise targeting Deriv user’s accounts. In this article, you will learn how you can protect and prevent your Deriv account from being hacked. Recently, I wrote another article on how you can prevent your forex account from being hacked, you can read it here. But in today’s article, will focus on Deriv: my favourite and recommended broker.

How to protect your Deriv account from being hacked

1. Avoid account managers

Usually you will only be requested to share your MT5 login details to account managers, but others may request you to even send your Deriv’s login details. By doing so, you actually authorize them to withdraw your money at any time. Luckily this can be prevented since when withdrawing money on Deriv, you need to approve the withdraw by clicking on the link in email.

2. Only talk to Deriv support on their website’s live chat

Other than LiveChat, Deriv/Binary will never ask for your personal information. All confidential requests and issues should only be handled via LiveChat with their Customer Support Representatives for security reasons. So if anyone contacts you on Telegram or WhatsApp or FaceBook claiming to be from Deriv, please don’t trust that person. Deriv support team will never seek your personal details via personal message. So, please refrain from sharing your account credentials with anyone to avoid complications.

3. Pay attention to emails you receive claiming to be from Deriv

Before you click on any links in the email received, check and confirm that the email is coming from If you are not able to confirm, get in touch with Deriv using the livechat button on the website.

4. Use a unique strong password

Avoid using one password for all websites, create a strong password for each website. Use this tool to generate a unique strong password for free.

password generator
password generator

5. Pay attention to the URL of Deriv website

There are a lot of fake deriv websites. The real domain is . fake ones maybe (,, etc).


I hope these 5 ways you can use to prevent your deriv account from being hacked help. Share this article with other Deriv trader.

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