How a Linux Server Can Beat Windows Hosting

In a recent blog post, I compared Linux vs. Windows Hosting. There are basically two types of Hosting, Linux or Windows. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest difference between these two types of Hosting is based around cost. Linux Hosting is cheaper than Windows Hosting. The reasons that Linux Hosting is cheaper than Windows Hosting includes;

One: Linux is cheaper because it doesn’t need to be installed on the server like Windows does. Linux can just sit on your computer without any extra software being installed on the server. This alone can shave quite a bit off the price of hosting for most people. As far as installation goes, Linux just needs to be downloaded and installed.

Two: Linux vs Windows are also based around disk space. Linux Hosting uses more disk space. Windows on the other hand is much slower when loading up a page. So by using Linux, you will be able to surf the Internet much faster using less disk space.

Three: Using Linux allows you to install third party software on your server without having to have an administrator to access the code. Most of the software that you can install will probably already be setup and ready to go. With Windows on the other hand, you usually have to create an administrator password and then be in a secure location where someone with the password can log in and change the configurations. By using Linux, you can configure a few different scripts and then be able to install any third party software.

Four: Linux is more mature and more efficient than Microsoft. This was partially brought about by Microsoft’s relentless attempt to win control in the computer market. Microsoft Windows on the other hand was developed as a more open source operating system. Linux however, was designed to run efficiently on lower spec machines while at the same time offer as many features as possible. This has made Linux much more affordable for end users.

Five: There are various kinds of Linux Hosting that are available. This includes Red Hat, Suse, Mandriva, Novell, and Fedora. Each type comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. So take time to learn about each type before making your decision on which type to use.

Six: When using Windows, there are certain things you can do to speed up the loading process of your website. But one of the most important things you can do is to deactivate some of the unused services in your operating system. This is an important thing to know because unused services consume memory. And this makes Windows run slower. Therefore, it is always good to deactivate these unnecessary services to maximize the speed of your server. The same goes for your web server’s bandwidth, you will want to allow sufficient bandwidth usage especially if you have a large number of visitors.

Seven: On the other hand, when using Linux, you do not have to install any additional software or programs to make your website run faster. There are many scripts such as Apache that automatically serve your files for you. Therefore, Linux hosting is considered to be better for WAN Optimization.

Eight: Linux hosting is considered to be better for security. Since there is no central server, there are more number of people that can attack your site. For instance, if you have a WordPress site and you use it for business purposes, then it’s very possible for someone to attack you and shut down your site instantly. On the other hand, Windows based hosting servers have a bug that allows attackers to easily attack and shut down your server. As a result, your entire network could be compromised if you don’t take immediate action. You should therefore avoid WordPress and move to a Linux server.

Nine: Another thing is the security of your data. Windows based servers are very common among hackers. Since they have control over a server, they have the ability to affect your entire network. Therefore, you need to upgrade your Windows server and make your network more secure.

These are just some of the things that show why Linux hosting is considered to be better for less. Although there are many other reasons as to why you should choose a Linux based server for your website and applications, these will give you an idea on how much better it is. Of course, these reasons only hold true for websites that are based on the Linux platform. If your website is not on this operating system, then there is no reason for you to continue reading this article. For any other question, you should try to consult a professional who can answer your questions on a Linux server vs windows hosting comparison.

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