The difference between User Interface UI and User Experience UX

Learn The difference between User Interface UI and User Experience UX.

You probably heard the words UX and UI bandied about if you spend some time in the coding and web design field. Perhaps you understand what these terms mean and how they are used in the technology industry. Perhaps you’ve got no idea. Regardless of your current state of knowledge, it is a good idea to understand the difference between these two development types.

Even if you never write or design a website, understanding the main differences between UX and UI can help you to take responsibility for your technology life and move on to your career. Not being a programmer or a web designer, you can become a more effective manager or better business owner, but learning about UX or UI design.

We talk about a user experience design while the coding buddies or web development mates discuss about the UX of a website. In other words, the UX is the end user’s visibility of the website. You do not care about the programming ability or the underlying algorithms when you log onto’s website or enter a search term in Google. That’s the point of the UX.

The term IT has to do with it but is slightly different. When web designers talk about the user interface design. The user interface is the user’s link to a specific operating system, software or website. You can see the impact of the superior UI when you remember the old DOS operating system and how it was eventually replaced by Windows.

The new Windows operating system has substituted the obviously unsound DOS design by a graphical interface that is much simpler to use. Although some old techies preferred DOS, the general public clearly liked the Windows UI and voted for it with their dollars.

UX and UI are interrelated in many ways. A website with a good user interface can create a positive user experience, but both concepts are quite different behind the scenes.

Professional UX development is much more systematic, involving a thorough knowledge of the website’s coding principles and the technical implications. UI design is much closer to old-style graphic design, on the other hand. There is another analogy that might be helpful in understanding the differences between UX and UI, and how they should work together to create a coherent and unified whole. In one sense, you can think the difference between UX and UI is the difference between science and art. The programming code behind the site can be understood as the bones–without the rigid structure, everything is broken down. The UX design would be the organ in this body analogy, it would support the key functions of the website and ensure everything goes smoothly.

The website’s UI design is the five senses, eye, touch, smell, taste, smell. To bring this analogy a bit further. The Interface layout is how the app, operating system, video game or other software allows users to experience the world.

This isn’t a metaphor ideal, but it’s a good starting point. Each website needs a sturdy UX and a great user interface to function properly. The domain would soon be abandoned without a great user interface. It is doubtful that consumers would return for a second look if the user interface is not quick to use.

User Experience design UX

Design of user experience is an important element in creating an important web site and this vital aspect of programming and web construction can not be ignored by a technology company. UX can boost marketing, create brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and drive sales if correctly implemented.

The user experience lies of rendering the Internet simple to use and user friendly. It is important that the end user or client interacts with the product and this is central to UX design.

It should be noted that UX design is not restricted to websites. Good UX design is equally important to digital products, from video games to mobile applications. More importantly, the term UX is sufficiently broad to cover all the interactions between customers and the company.

There is not only a digital world user experience. You can learn from customer service experts speaking of the continuous improvement in user experience, whether it’s restaurant food, furniture shop quality or the auto buying phase. All of the company can be applied to the same principles that provide a great user experience on this Company website.

User Interface design UI

The development of the user interface is as critical as the user experience for the enterprise. Smart companies are mindful of the complimentary half of their user experience and user interface and understand the importance of creating a positive image of the business when correctly implementing the technologies.

A good user interface is an extension of the branding efforts already undertaken by the company when implemented correctly. The consumer must communicate quickly with the user interface and the design should be intuitive and easy to use.

Graphic design is an important component in creating a good user interface, but it doesn’t mean that there is no technology. The UI is a multi-faceted role that requires a wide variety of capacities. In addition, the skills required can vary from company to business and make the field even harder. Some companies may want to have strong programming background for their user interface teams, while others may rely on applicants with a graphic or artistic background. Read carefully the job descriptions to make sure your abilities suit the initial method is the best way to achieve success in this often obscure area.

The user interface is the simplest way to interact the computer system or digital product and the user. The concept behind UI is the same, regardless of whether the digital product is a video game, a mobile application or a website.


A UX and UI development profession can be very satisfying, but like any area of endeavor, an important first step is to basicly understand the concepts behind the category. Whether you are a programmer or more artist, it can be a smart career step to move to UX or UI design. The more you know how UX and UI function separately and in conjunction, the easier it is to move to this potentially lucrative field.

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