ConveyThis Review – How ConveyThis Can Help You Translate Your Website

ConveyThis Review – How ConveyThis Software Works? This is the third free version e-book for converting PDF files to various languages. ConveyThis is not an expensive product, and you can test run the free version first. You can download the free trial version directly from the ConveyThis web site, or if you prefer you can get it by mail. The software is easy enough to install and the program has a very simple user interface that anyone can operate even if they have never done any web design work in their lives.

The ConveyThis website offers three basic plans: Ultimate, Standard and Business. With the free plan, there are only four premium sections to manage: Target Language, Translation, Graphics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is no support offered for the graphics and SEO aspects of the business or the translation of the target language. With the free plan, there are unlimited page views for each plan, which means that you can handle large volumes of traffic.

With the free version, there are minor limitations as far as SEO is concerned. Also with the free version you can convert PDF files to any one language, whereas in the paid versions there are two different conversion options: translate to the target language and also translate to the source language. If you translate a large volume of documents or need specialized services for translating documents from one language to another, then choosing the correct ConveyThis package would be very beneficial to your website.

The main advantage with this ConveyThis service is its simplicity and flexibility. ConveyThis uses a ‘drop-down list’ on the home page to show the number of languages that are supported. For translating a document from one language to another, the website allows you to make ‘drop-downs’ with the target language, instead of clicking on the translate button many times over. Moreover, the website offers a ‘word-wrap’ feature for easier navigation. It also allows the addition of new languages so that you can expand your potential audience. Another great advantage is that there are a lot of languages that are commonly spoken in the world, and therefore, translating a website to a specific language would not be a problem at all.

Another important advantage with ConveyThis Review is that it does not limit your imagination while translating a website. In the ‘word wrap’ feature, you can use keywords from one language to another. This will make your website search engine optimized and increase your chance of ranking higher on popular search engines.

The main weakness with the free version of ConveyThis is that if you do not have a good idea of how to translate a website or a book to a particular language, then you might end up translating something wrong, ruining the effect of the text. Also the drop-down list may not be the best presentation of the number of languages that you want to translate. You can, however, get full access to the service if you need to translate more than one language. This is a valid reason for using the service for professional purposes. The ‘commercial free’ version however, offers limited features.

The good thing about the ConveyThis Review is that they offer an online translator and live translation team that can help you out with any kind of translation issue. In addition to the numerous languages that are supported, ConveyThis also offers support for Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. This is in addition to the English, Canadian, British, and Australian languages.

As you can see from the ConveyThis Review, there are quite a few advantages to utilizing the ConveyThis website for your translations. Although the service does not allow you to translate documents from one language to another, it does offer you a wonderful choice of languages in which to translate a website. You can also get access to an extensive tool that will help you in making the necessary translations. Furthermore, the language wrapper makes life easier and faster for you.

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