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Learn the Advantages of using Angular JS. AngularJS is the Google and open source community’s JavaScript framework. This makes sense to think that it will be widely accepted and preserved, and that a good decision will be made to grow for years to come, owing to its connection to Google and the success of Google Chrome apps and Google’s Android platform.

1. Flexibility

AngularJS helps website designers to add features to web pages by adding additional HTML commands. In contrast to certain JavaScript implementations, AngularJS can be intermixed with HTML freely and HTML styling can be used for variables or HTML-dependent elements can only be displayed. HTML is very flexible and extensible for creating small but powerful web sites with minimal overhead servers.

2. Less loading

It is a client side script, since AngularJS comes from JavaScript. It ensures that almost all of the work is done on the machine of the end user except that databases often retrieve results. A MVC model is deployed, which means that the client computer takes input and manipulates most of the processes and shows results. The Model-View-Controller is used. The server only communicates, calls or transmits information if necessary, but it does not request new pages each time within the loaded page on the client computer. This is indeed very quick for the client, because there are much fewer network queries, and both bandwidth and processing are very light on the server.

3. Easy deployment and maintenance

AngularJS is primarily used for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs), meaning that when the page(application) has been loaded, only information required is loaded and displayed. It helps us to monitor much more accurately how data is sought or returned which renders the platform perfect for mobile devices or even mobile app conversion. This provides a single code base for all devices and Applications, which makes quick deployment and maintenance easier.

4. TypeScript support

There is also support for TypeScript, which is a super-set for JavaScript, which again makes it easier to write code.


In short, AngularjS offers: easy-to-read code, small file size, reduced server load, speed, broad support, features, portability and a level of proofing in the future.

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