6 reasons why your business needs an app in Zambia

Learn the 6 reasons why your business needs an app in Zambia. Mobile applications are valuable tools for large enterprises to use for essential activities such as sales, customer service and distributor collaboration. But is it meaningful to have a mobile app for your small business? If it becomes popular with your target market, a mobile app gives you some advantages. You can encourage people to take advantage of the right strategy.

1. Apps are easier to use and offer a superior user experience in Zambia

Websites are excellent information and customer connections tools. This is a leap forward from mobile websites which making it accessible to people on the go. Users still need to log on to their website and open their browsers. Mobile websites are good to find stuff, but few people will go to the website just to try out the most current deals. Apps can make a major contribution to this.

Using a single tap is possible to install the software quickly. Thanks to their accessibility, people can view the products or services more regularly. More impulsive orders can also be expected. Phones offer superior user experience relative with mobile websites. There are no keys to recall, nor are users immediately registered.

2. Get a powerful direct marketing tool in Zambia

So long as you can get users to install them, apps provide a much better direct marketing platform than e-mails, calling and post. Push notifications encourage you to send information and offers. Users can act on these offers immediately, which increases the rate of conversion. With an app, the odds of increasing sales are much higher.

3. Improve customer loyalty in Zambia

Life is nearly impossible these days without advertising. People are almost everywhere bombarded by advertising. The noise is so disturbing, intrusive, long-term, that people have been learning to overlook it. Very often messages and letters are sent directly into garbage bins, television ads are silenced and distributed easily and hoardings are not heard. You should give consumers something to look forward to in order to get out of this chaos.

Sincere marketing methods such as bonus programs and surprise agreements have a greater chance of working today. This provides value to people and makes them stay connected. Bringing mobile consumers special deals allows them to download software and use them. Applications are also available to support the creation and implementation of point-based loyalty programmes.

4. Improve trust and branding in Zambia

People use smartphones a lot of time. Apps are useful tools for marketing the product. The icon is displayed on the home screen or on the app drawer, once someone installs your app. Notifications also remind people of your company a good job. In addition to building confidence, the product will be repeatedly exposed into the mind of the client. Although this will not improve sales, it is more likely that more people will consider your products and services if they require them.

5. Improve customer service in Zambia

Convenience is an important factor in attracting clients. People will most likely buy if they find what they need without walking or calling your office.

Apps provide customer-friendly information and services. You may access information and demand on – the-fly facilities. The client can purchase or return products, requests, book or cancel appointments and log complaints in a few taps. You can even call or talk without seeing telephone numbers or exchanging e-mails with your support staff.

You can contact your customers with mobile apps when necessary. You can use alerts to provide relevant information, such as order changes, upcoming meetings or availability of service. You can also store and use the device information even if you are offline.

6. Apps help you stay competitive in Zambia


A mobile app gives the small business some benefits, but the clients should make sense as well. The added value needs to be encouraged to install your app and the quality of your app. People hate resource-intensive applications and buggies. You do not like applications that need needless authorisations and receive alerts constantly. The software models guarantee quality and improve the chances of success.

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