Wealthsimple Tax Review

Based on extensive research, Wealthsimple Taxis one of the top free online tax programs in Canada, providing great features and bonuses that rival some of the much more expensive paid versions of online tax programs. The easy to use, point-and-click business model and automated pay now make this ideal for individuals who need to finish their federal and provincial tax returns quickly, affordably, and easily. Wealthsimple Tax allows its users to have their tax return prepared and filed within a few short hours of the individual’s tax due date. The program has a user-friendly interface and lets users fill out their forms at their own pace, whenever they choose to. This is a prime benefit over the many complicated methods of completing federal and provincial income tax returns that have become so common.

Wealthsimple Tax has an excellent customer support system that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Their website is always filled with helpful articles, as well as links to valuable resources that can be used by the individual tax filer. In addition, Wealthsimple Tax also has an excellent and well-organized library of sample tax return forms that can be downloaded for immediate completion. These forms are also useful for individuals who need assistance in preparing their returns.

There are two basic ways in which Wealthsimple Tax can assist the individual with their tax returns: the standard service and the volunteer service. The standard service allows the user to file their federal and provincial taxes at the website using the online file generator. These files are then uploaded to the company’s secure servers where the individual can access them through the company’s secure wireless network. This option is usually the most economical. However, the file cannot be emailed directly to any other person and cannot be stored on the company’s server.

The second option is a form-based service provided through the website. Individuals who choose this option can request a paper copy of their federal and provincial tax return and can print it themselves. This option is not free, but the amount of paper used is minimal compared to the paper form that can be printed on the website. The paper used for online tax return is also safely destroyed upon receipt.

There are two types of services that the online tax preparation site offers: donation-based and discount-based. Donation-based services provide individuals with an opportunity to make a tax deductible donation to the charity of their choice. Discount-based services are available for individuals who are looking to save money on their taxes. Wealthsimple Tax offers two different discount rates: one is the standard rate and another is the charitable contribution rate. Both are well below the average tax rate for Canadians.

Wealthsimple Tax Review has rated all Canadian charities according to two factors. The highest rating is given to those with the highest level of expertise and caring. For individuals who are planning to file their personal taxes, the charity with the highest experience and care is selected. For those planning to file their corporate income tax filing software, the charity with the most experience and caring is selected.

Online tax filers who use wealthsimple tax to prepare their returns will be happy to learn that it offers a free online quote generator. Individuals need to supply their information like their name, province of residence, repaid or postal banking password, filing status and amount of income before the website can generate a quote. The quote can be viewed in a matter of minutes and is often less than what one would pay for a local accountant. For individuals who are donating money to charity and would like to know if their gift will be tax deductible, the website also provides an online calculator which can calculate the amount to be deducted.

In addition to the online quote generator, Wealthsimple Tax Review also provides valuable articles that help individuals with their tax situation. One such article titled, “The IRS Might Finally Takes notice – Don’t wait until it’s too late,” by John Gaudry provides valuable tips on how to handle an IRS audit. Mr. Gaudry, a certified public accountant, offers practical advice to help individuals make sure that their donations are not being overlooked. In addition to assisting individuals with their tax situations, the articles also provide valuable tips on avoiding common mistakes, such as using the wrong form to file for tax deductions, which could lead to a large tax debt. Other valuable articles included in the site include “Cashing in on Creditors’ Cash” and “Eliminating Your Tax Debt.”

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