Types of forex trading strategies

Trading is sometimes connected with the concept of “easy money,” as all you need is a computer (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and a stable internet connection. However, before you begin trading with an online broker like Deriv, you must first determine which trading strategy is appropriate for you.

1. Scalping strategy

Scalping is one of the most common trading tactics used by high-volume traders. The goal is to sit in front of your computer for long periods of time in order to notice and profit from modest price fluctuations within seconds or minutes of noticing them. Holding these positions for brief periods of time decreases your risk and allows you to repeat the process multiple times throughout the day. This is a high-stress, fast-paced technique that isn’t for everyone, but it may be extremely beneficial for those who thrive on making quick decisions.

2. Day trading strategy

The most well-known strategy for active traders is day trading. Day trading, as the name suggests, entails purchasing and selling several financial assets on the same trading day, with no positions kept overnight. Major price movements usually calm down and correct themselves within a few hours, allowing the majority of the profits from a strong trading call to be realized before market closing.

3. Swing Trading strategy

Swing Trading is a basic trading approach that involves applying professional economic, financial, industrial, and/or political knowledge to investment. Traders attempt to take advantage of overall rising or downward trends in the value of an asset by holding positions for a few days to many weeks.


Choosing a technique that suits your decision-making style, your tolerance for or allergy to risk, your degree of knowledge, and the amount of time you have to commit to trading is at the heart of effective online trading. Scalping is not for you if you can’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer during the trading day. People with full-time jobs may benefit from swing trading because they may analyze companies’ press releases and charts over the weekend.

Whatever method you use, remember to stick to your trading plan and follow tight money management guidelines, learn from your failures, and keep your technical and fundamental knowledge up to date.

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