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Being a social media marketing enthusiast, one is always looking for tools to make the work easier and reduce manual labor. This is the reason why there are SO many tools on the market, and most of them are doing great. 

However, the abundance of tools and features can sometimes be quite challenging to find the best fit for the requirements of the team or project. This is why here is a review of one of the best tools that I can come across during a Google search, and I fell in love with how amazing it proved to be for my social media management requirements! 

Social Champ is a social media management tool with a whole bunch of features that enable me to streamline my social media processes. 

What is Social Champ?

Social Champ is a social media management tool for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and agencies. The tool supports all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business.

You can create, edit, design, schedule, and track your social media posts without any fuss. Social Champ further allows you to track analytics for all social media networks separately with platform-specific metrics. 

The UI is gorgeous with vibrant colors and is pretty easy to navigate. All primary and secondary menu items can be found on the left sidebar and are arranged in such a way that you can find everything in a matter of seconds. All this makes using Social Champ a breeze. 

The signup process is pretty straightforward. Simply start with the free 7-day trial to check out the main features of the platform. Once you are sure that the platform is the right fit for your needs, you can start with one of their plans. 

If you are still confused about a feature, just email them or drop a message on their live chat; their representatives are generally quick to respond. If you want a guided tour, you can also request a live demo to see if you are missing out on something. 

What sets Social Champ apart from others?

Other than the fact that Social Champ is extremely pocket friendly, here are a few other reasons for recommending it;

  • Social Champ has a very vibrant UI, which helps you set the tone right for your social media. 
  • Social Champ is a customer-centric tool, which means that you can request relevant features, and they would add them to their road map. 
  • Their customer service is beyond amazing. They are available all day and all night to answer and solve queries that you might have. 
  • Support for six major platforms means that a multitude of your social media processes can be managed together. 
  • All important features, such as bulk upload, Auto RSS, tracking, social media calendar, and others, are designed to perfection, which makes the usage even more uncomplicated. 
  • Lastly, four amazing pricing plans ensure that everyone can use the platform, regardless of the size and project requirements. 
  • Oh, and the free trial is a cherry on top!

Key Features 

Social Champ has a lot of amazing features that you can leverage to bring out the best of your social media marketing. 

Here is a rundown of some of their amazing features;

  • The Social Media Calendar provides a grid view of all scheduled and published posts with options to edit, reschedule, and delete content with drag/drop options. 
  • Connect your blogs or websites with social media channels using the Auto RSS feed to keep them active. The post will go up on social channels in a thirty minutes time frame.  
  • With the Bulk Upload and Scheduling feature, you can schedule content for up to12 months using a single CSV file. You can add URLs, posts, tags, mentions, and publish time in the file. 
  • Keep your brand voice constant using the Sentiment Analysis feature, which shows if your post sends out a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. 
  • Monitoring Analytics is one of the best features of Social Champ. Using the feature, you can track platform-centric metrics for each individual network. Furthermore, you can create reports with white labeling options to customize them. 
  • Team Collaboration allows you to share the workload with other team members without giving out the credentials. Assign roles such as admin, editor, or author according to the positions that you want to give them.  
  • Share content from anywhere on the internet using Social Champ’s Chrome Extension. 
  • Custom Content Curation enables you to create and edit the same piece of content according to the rules set by different social media networks. 
  • Schedule and manage on the go using the android and iOS mobile apps. Granted, there are a few issues with the app; I faced it too, but the customer support was quick to assist me and helped solved the queries in no time. 
  • Content Suggestions help come up with new topics to create content so that none of your profiles stay dead. 
  • Create collections of past posts and use them in upcoming campaigns so that none of the evergreen content goes to waste. 
  • The repeat feature allows you to repost or retweet your content on Facebook or Twitter.  
  • With the Post Approval feature, you can keep an eye on all posts that go out of your system. Enable push notifications and approve each post to maintain a consistent brand voice. 
  • Group together all similar or profiles for a single client in one Workspace to avoid clutter. 
  • Link Shortner allows you to track all campaigns and generate reports on how well they are doing. 
  • Add posts to Queue and Queue Next while scheduling content to save time and manual labor.  
  • Create and save groups of hashtags that you use together using the Hashtag Manager. 
  • Amazing integrations, such as Canva, Crello, and helps create eye-catching visuals and videos within Social Champ to add to your posts. 
  • A fully loaded help desk with guides and FAQs to assist users in real-time. Or you could just message on their live chat option or send an email to to talk to a representative. 


Social Champ has four amazing pricing plans for companies and enterprises of all sizes. 

  • Pro; starting from $10/month with 15 social accounts and a single user. 
  • Champ; starting from $29/month with 25 social accounts and two users. 
  • Business; starting from $99/month with 50 social accounts and six users. 
  • Agency; starting from $199/month with 100 social accounts and eleven users. 

Wrapping It Up

Social Champ comes with a host of features that every team requires to effectively manage social media campaigns. The platform comes with a great Workspace feature where you can group social media profiles and team members for simplified project management. This works great for agencies that handle social media management for multiple clients.

I suggest you sign up for the trail and take the platform for a spin. I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed!.

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