RTSA Road signs you need to know

Here are the road signs you need to know in Zambia. You need to know, understand them and follow what they mean on the road in Zambia to become a better road user. If you are going to write a test at RTSA, you need to master them all.

RTSA Road signs you need to know

Try naming them all before you scroll down to the answers.

1. Yield to pedestrian

2. 3-way stop

3. Yield

4. No entry

5. Stop

6. No right turn ahead

7. One way left

8. Yield to oncoming traffic

9. Yield at mini cycle

10. One way straight on

11. No parking

12. No stopping

13. No overtaking

14. One vehicle width structure

15. Slippery road

16. Height limit

17. Mass limit

18. Keep left

19. Axle load limit

20. 4-way stop

21. Stop go control

22. Speed limit

23. No excessive noise

24. No mini buses

25. No pedestrians & cyclists


27. Hairpin bend right

28. No right turn

29. Cyclists only



32. Limited duration parking

33. Parking

34. Start of bus lane

35. Disabled persons vehicle parking


37. Speed humps

38. General warning

39. Drift

40. Domestic animal cattle

41. Winding road (right lane)

42. Uneven road way

43. Children

44. End of dual roadway (to right)

45. Road narrows from left side only

46. Y-junction

47. Wild animals

48. Two way traffic (crossroad)

49. Falling rocks from right

50. Sharp curve

51. T-Junction

52. Road closed

53. Overhead danger plate

54. No goods vehicles

55. Road works

56. Tunnel

57. Sharp junction (half left)

58. Pedestrian crossing (Zebra crossing)

59. Crossroad on priority roads

60. Side road junction

61. Slowly moving heavy vehicles

62. Two way traffic

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